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Animation, Drama, Fantasy, Romance
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The "story of miracles and love" revolves around Mitsuha and Taki. Mitsuha is a female high school student who lives in a rural town nestled deep in the mountains. Her father is the mayor and isn't at home much, and she lives with her elementary school-aged little sister and her grandmother. Mitsuha has an honest personality, but she doesn't like the customs of her family's Shinto shrine, nor does she like her father participating in an election campaign. She laments that she lives in a confined rural town, and yearns for the wonderful lifestyle of living in Tokyo. Taki is a male high school student who lives in central Tokyo. He spends time with his friends, works part-time at an Italian restaurant, and is interested in architecture and fine arts. One day, Mitsuha has a dream where she is a young man. Taki also has a dream where he is a female high school student in a town in the mountains that he has never been to. What is the secret to their dreams of personal experience?

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Irma Howell ( 2017-03-17 )


Kimi no Nawa is up there with the quality of work Studio Ghibli makes. It's a journey in a world breathing with atmosphere, mystery, and visual wonder. A journey about growth and resilience in the face of overwhelming odds. A journey about human emotion that transcends space and time, as we watch our two protagonists struggle relentlessly against fate. A journey that might just be one of the most captivating anime movie experiences I've had in years. ..

Nathan Robertson ( 2017-02-03 )

Yes, yes and yes!

Absolutely fantastic! Recommended for everyone. Just watch it. Amazing characters, scenery, city life and town life, story. Everything is just wow. So fine! The suspension, the empathy, the scenes. The thoughts. It's playful and pleasant, but serious and funny at the same time. It makes you want to feel it and live it, while you just keep cheering for everything. This 1.5 hours was one of the most well spent time in my life. It was so good, that I actually sit down and wondered why we can't we live like that? Why can't we be in that village? In that anime Tokyo? Every minute is a time well-spent. It's a time SO well spent, that I was afraid when it's going to end. I literally just realized that this would be the end of an anime. Than this would be the end of an hour long movie. I was so afraid when it's going to end. It borough such a beautiful and marvelous utopia before my eyes, with all it's mistakes, conflicts. That I actually wanted to live there. I actually realized however, that I'm not good of a person to be worthy of such utopia. However it is very close to reality. Every time something out of order happens, you remember. This is a certain reality. People can die, be ashamed, punished. Everything can end in a tragedy. But when something wrong happens, nobody really cares.. and I was like: "Why? Why aren't you moving? Are you not afraid for your lives?" Than I remembered.. this is a certain utopia. Even for the people who live in it. Nothing bad happen to them, nothing really could. They are peaceful, good people, in a modern world. Nothing bad happened in the last 3 generation, why would anything happen now? This movie gave me a new set of feelings, viewpoints, happiness, thoughts and desires, I might have lacked or just not realized before. I'm really glad I watched it. It was a piece from my dreams.

Mona Marsh ( 2017-02-03 )


I went in to see Kimi no Na ha without knowing anything about the movie. I had simply been intrigued by the movie poster with the comet as a background to two high school students living in wildly different environments - and the excellent reviews on its Friday release convinced me to see it just the day after. ..

Oliver Freeman ( 2017-02-19 )

I am speechless.

So the movie is named "Your name?" and its a perfect title, it doesn't reveal anything about the content and yet it caught my interest. I tend to watch animated movies because they have so much more to offer at the same time it is a tougher competition. The story line is really good, why? Well it you are open minded it will be pretty easy to follow and accept what is going on, question about how and why get answered by themselves if you believe it is possible. Regarding the animation it give you what your mainstream point of view of Japans architecture, nature, culture and society, all from how they dress to the body language etc. The music, sound effects and voice actor/actress amplifies the emotions and guides you from start till end. There are plenty of a messages and it makes me thing about me and everything living around me, where I come from and where I am going. Regarding the character development its spot on, no more information was needed then what was provided, we are limited but at the same time free to make our own thought. I wish to say thank you to everyone who have supported and/or worked with this piece of art, they should feel really proud of themselves, it is an honor that you shared it with us (the viewers). Thank you!

Winston Francis ( 2017-02-23 )

One of the Greatest movies i watched in my entire life.

I have followed Makoto Shinkai's older works and most of them really have a bad ending, though still good, but this movie's sweet. He really know how to play with our emotion, especially for his work's fans who have followed his works, i'm hoping its not a bad ending during the entire movie. But man, this work is a true masterpiece. When i looked at Makoto's older works, I suddenly think, he had the potential to beat Miyazaki's spirited away, and there he goes. I'm not saying this is better than spirited away, they had a different genre and makoto had his own stunning style. How this piece of animation would turn my emotion really hard? Even Spirited Away, When Marnie was There, and 5cm per second can't do that. This is a movie that you must watch before you die, really.

Helen Henderson ( 2017-04-06 )

It clutched my heart the entire way

This was absolutely amazing... the trailer made it seem like a stereotypical "boy meets girl, etc." story... but from the beginning to the end, the movie rotated from a past and present time-line, only proving in the end that time itself was twisted the entire movie - giving us viewers an extremely well written and original plot. The chemistry between the characters, development, music, pacing, animation, everything was absolutely in chorus in the most beautiful way. I cannot even compare this to Studio Ghibli films, not because it's better or not as good, but because it is just a movie of its own caliber. Studio Ghibli films were a lot more fictional, fantasy, and imaginative - free formed and had its own flow. Kimi no Na Wa was cleverly planned out from the first minute to the last, logical, balanced, yet just as if not more breathtaking.

Nancy Warren ( 2017-01-10 )

i'm spell bound , but still I would like to describe it.

which movie includes time travel, destructive meteor shower,heart-wrenching tragedy,mesmerizing romance,wonderfully extravagant art and many more genres in 1.5 hours,none to my knowledge.'your name' is a beautiful blend of sci-fi, thriller ,romance.I watched the movie just after it's release and believe me i found no reason to blink my eye, it is yet another masterpiece by makoto shinkai.when watching Japanese anime movies, the westerners usually prefer studio ghibli's work , but after this many might reconsider this.if you want to know what I'am speaking about just watch it and you would cherish those 1.5hrs of emotions filed with love,agony,tragedy,joy.And please believe me this is no exaggeration.while watching the movie you will feel your heart racing craving for more drama,romance but still you want to know how it ends and amid-st this confusion you will be using your brains to understand what is going on.And when it ends you will be realizing that it is the one epic movie that will go on in your "the best movies i've ever watched" list. And the next moment you will be writing or telling about the movie to your friends. P.S Just consider watching it and you will never regret it.

Rebecca Craig ( 2017-02-15 )

Must watch

I started watching this movie with high expectations,but somehow this movie managed to be exceed them.Movie didn't just look amazing,which is expected from Makoto Shinkai,but story is amazing as well,it manages to keep attention of viewer from start to finish,and as movie progress it just gets better and better.I think that everyone that loves movies should watch this.Even if someone doesn't like animated movies they should give this movie a try. Also i love how some little things that at first seem meaningless at the end of movie get amazing meaning. Personally i think this is best work that Makoto Shinkai made by far,its above all of his previous works,and doesn't have flaws that some of his other works had.

Flora Greer ( 2017-02-02 )

Once seen, never forgotten- truly magnificent

'Your Name' is not just one of the best animes in recent years (and there have been some very good ones), but one of the best animes ever from personal opinion. Will go even further, saying it's one of the best animated films in recent years, one of the best animated or otherwise films of the year and that it rivals the masterworks of Miyazaki. This is a huge compliment, for any anime, animated film or even any film, and a bold claim that still stands. Much of it is to do with how 'Your Name's' stayed with me and the impact it's had, a film once seen but never forgotten. The animation in 'Your Name' is stunning, so beautifully and intricately drawn with immaculate attention to detail in the backgrounds and a simply breath-taking array of ethereal but also atmospheric colours. The music fits the film's atmosphere with no problem at all and also works wonders as a soundtrack on its own, serving superbly as music on its own. Meanwhile, the script is thought-provoking and touching, with much to say and explored expertly and neatly with no heavy-handedness. The storytelling engages throughout, sucks one into its world and never lets go of the immersing and is enormously heartfelt, really investing in the characters' chemistry and their love for each other. Pacing is deliberate, but never drags due to the emotional impact and how well realised the characters are, even when noticeably slower in the second half. Characters, and the film's themes, are brilliantly written and developed, and the voice acting is emotive and fit the characters with no qualms. In summary, a truly magnificent film all round that will be remembered for years to come. Deserves all the raves it's gotten, and deserving of even more. 10/10 Bethany Cox

Pedro Hale ( 2017-02-01 )

What seems to be a silly premise evolved into something even more trifling. But with its unbearable charm, it worked astonishingly well.

Your Name (Kimi No Na Wa) tells the story of two teenagers with vastly different backgrounds. One is a boy who lived in Tokyo and has the word "city" described all around him. One is a girl who lived in rural town far from technology and anything interesting. One morning, somehow, they found out that they have swapped bodies. Together, they must help each other find solution in daily life problems, and solve the mystery of the reason why this whole conundrum started. This may sound like your typical body-swap romantic comedy situation, but you may find yourself on the wrong side of the spectrum as this movie takes you into an incredible journey. With a storytelling so divine, complex, yet understandable, this movie captures the essence of what romantic comedy movies have lost nowadays, a heart and a charm to lure you in. Japanese animation movies tend to have a bit of a stereotype, but the movie successfully shown very little of that. Transitioning from one scene to the other effortlessly, Radwimps deserves an incredible applause for their talents in the movie, as every song and every score fits perfectly to the scene currently shown. Although the movie does end in a predictable way, the voyage to that predictable end is more than enough to keep you satisfied. There are some usage of stock characters and several clichés throughout, something that maybe will drive some of the audiences away or cloud their judgment. But beside all that, the story is still original and well executed. What seems to be a silly premise evolved into something even more trifling. But with its unbearable charm, it worked astonishingly well. is a cinema website serving you dear visitors 7/24 to give information about all movies, now playing movies, show location of nearest theaters and sessions, trailers of upcoming movies and information about actors and actresses, their biographies, videos and photographs. is the only interactive website where visitors can interact with each other using Facebook, Twitter and Google. is a global website using highly advanced web technologies and is served in 7 different languages apart from English and can give the visitors same service from the countries where these languages are spoken. Cinematheater is differented from his rivals by giving you an archive of 500.000 movies and is one of the websites where you can instantly find information about now playing movies in theaters.

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