Untitled Warren Beatty Project (2016) - SHOWTIMES

Untitled Warren Beatty Project (2016) - SHOWTIMES (2016)

Untitled Warren Beatty Project

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A story centered on an affair Howard Hughes had in the late years of his life with a younger woman.

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Judith Vaughn ( 2017-04-09 )

Rules Don't Apply

Warren Beatty, who I consider to be a true Hollywood legend and quite an icon, has always impressed me with his body of work. I have always admired him as an actor and maybe even more so as a writer/director. As many of you know, he has not directed a film since 1998's Bulworth and not acted in a film since Town and Country in 2001. Over the years there was always some talk about Beatty perhaps making a comeback film and emerge from the shadows and quietness of what at the time seemed to be almost like a retirement from the movie business for him. It had been speculated for years that he was planning on doing a film about Howard Hughes, and not only till a few years ago was the project actually green-lighted and news was that they had a cast and that Beatty would not only be starring in the film, but also having written the screenplay and was going to serve as director. This was very promising news to a fan like me because unfortunately I had never been able to see one of his films on the big screen, so I was hoping this one would be my first. The first trailer for the film emerged during the Summertime when you had your big budget films on display and while the trailer looked a little different than what Beatty has done before, I still felt that it looked like a film with promise and I was bound and determined to see it on the big screen when it arrived. Now as I am writing this, I have just come from a screening for his new film, Rules Don't Apply, and I must say that I was anticipating a light screwball comedy that would be more fun than anything else, but what I got was a film that will definitely be in my top 10 list by the end of the year and was another film that far exceeded all my expectations and turned out to be one of the year's best. The film's trailer truly did not do it justice and unfortunately a lot of the mainstream film critics are giving it average to mostly lukewarm ratings, which if I have to be honest, I don't truly ..

Winston Francis ( 2017-04-15 )

in brief: good for the parts that work so well, though it comes with a price

With Warren Beatty's Rules Don't Apply, there may be some high expectations going in, and it's not because people are looking so forward to finally seeing Alden Ehrenreich and Lily Collins in a (semi) romantic coupling (though they are equal parts charming and serious in this film, able to go to awkward comic moments and those Big Dramatic Confrontation Moments in ways that are wonderful and surprising and shows they have a good director at the helm). And it's not even because people may be clamoring for another movie about the genius-cum-iconoclast-cum-megalomaniac Howard Hughes, since, well, we should have practically everything we'd need to see in Scorsese's The Aviator (which, by the way, these two movies share not only a couple of set pieces, at very different time periods in history, but Alec Baldwin too in a fairly important supporting role). No, I know I expect more of Warren Beatty after an 18 year absence (lets forget Town & Country for now) and the biggest problem is that he had final cut and put something together that is 25% a choppily edited mess. Whether he cut down for time, I'm sure I don't know, though having *four* credited editors is never a great sign. Having said this, however, it's also a case where the parts are better, more entertaining, more charming, more engaging, more... just MORE than the whole, and one of Beattys underrated gifts as an actor and director - off kilter comic timing and eccentricity - is on excellent display here. It's a genuine if somewhat flawed and all over the place romantic comedy with some genuinely moving overtones for being essentially about... Being kind to people. If this is his swan song, it could've been worse.

Oliver Freeman ( 2017-02-23 )

Worth The Wait! And Funnier Than You Think....

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Lynn Turner ( 2017-02-01 )

A Wonderful Character and Relational Story

The movie greats should never grow old so they can use what they've learned to keep making swell movies for us like Rules Don't Apply. Mr. Beatty is of course unique. He does it all and had time for enviable fun during his prolonged adolescence and now with his formidable spouse Annette Bening. They were easy and fun with one another at today's screening. Smart attractive very talented grownups. Yes, they still exist. Rules Don't Apply is very funny, if you pay attention. Old Hollywood gets the shiv a bit but it's awfully nice to be back there. We luxuriate in vintage cars and clothes and 50s sexual puritanism. The leads are, as Mr. Beatty said today, honorable actors with integrity. Nothing cheap or careless. We root for Alden Ehrenreich and Lily Collins. Miss Bening is funny and tough as the ingenue's zealot Mom. A ton of familiar faces get their moment. Apparently they like to work for Mr. Beatty. His mind goes faster than almost anyone's making movies so it's fun and satisfying to be swept along by his brilliance. As I watch the world around me lowering its standards, I bask in the depth of talent and pure entertainment in Rules Don't Apply. More please.

Wilbert Gilbert ( 2017-03-22 )

I found it to be a really really good movie. So either the critics and most of the audiences are wrong . . . or I'm really stupid.

Warren Beatty has written and directed a wonderful movie that weaves together both Beatty's character development version of the infamous Howard Hughes and the evolving relationship between an aspiring actress and her driver. This is definitely not Driving Miss Daisy (1989) nor does it resemble Leonardo DeCaprio as Mr. Hughe's The Aviator (2004). Instead Beatty has created a more luscious and tender Woody Allen parallel movie without Allen's unique directorial signature. Rules Don't Apply incorporates a deft storyline that wraps the audience into a period movie and more important the sparkling and carefully, well portrayed coming of age of two young people smitten by Hollywood and Beatty's fun, eccentric, and intimate portrait of a billionaire living in a whirlwind of intelligent, almost whimsical fantasy. There's even an element about finding meaning in living and the realization of joy in experiencing defying rules, even one's own self-imposed prison of innocence or mental extravagance. This movie is complemented by a flavor from the black and white contemporary silent movie The Artist (2011), the passage of time theme of Across the Universe (2007), the bigger than life whirlwind thrill of The Great Gatsby (2013), with echoes of Woody Allen's in-Allen's Magic in the Moonlight (2014). Yet Rules Don't Apply seems to stand out for its own standout varnish of evolving through time theme with a dash of reflective satisfaction and contentment. Using an all-star cast with many well known actors allowing themselves to play secondary characters, this fun, sometimes tenderly sensitive drama, offers up a recollection of how classic movies used to be made and why they offered a magical touch of sensitivity and optimism of a time past, but filled with enduring themes that resonate in the conflicting and colder and even darker days of today.

Helen Henderson ( 2017-01-10 )

Mostly amusing.

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Tyler Parsons ( 2017-02-08 )

A good movie, but will young people watch it?

Or . . . maybe the truth is somewhere in between. The movie worked for me. It felt like ONE movie, not two as reviewer Alonso Duralde claimed. . . . it told stories of several characters all connected more or less. That doesn't make it two movies. The song of the same name is killer -- killer enough to bring the two main characters into a love embrace that crashes them to the floor still locked together. And they're throwing away their "careers" by kissing like that. How can people not love this??? But then things go awry for them almost by accident and partly by puritanical religious beliefs. (She thinks he's married because he once had sex). Anyway, I have to insert here: The Mathew Broderick character gets the Baptist joke mostly wrong. The opening goes, "Why do Babtists forbid you to have sex standing up?" The answer is: Because it might lead to dancing. Broderick says, "Do you know why Baptists think sex is bad?" IT IS WAY LESS FUNNY THAT WAY MATHEW. So I'm going to read more of the negative reviews and perhaps come back and counter any stupid arguments I find for why this movie isn't a great piece of movie-making. I cried in the end. I didn't think they would get another chance. Hooray! By the way, the rather sad classical musical theme throughout is my favorite: Gustav Mahler's 5th Symphony, Adagio movement It's on YouTube.(So is the new song: "Rules Don't Apply").

Josephine Jennings ( 2017-04-10 )

One of the best films I have seen

'RULES DON'T APPLY': Four Stars (Out of Five) ..

Pedro Hale ( 2017-04-03 )

Well...Maybe if the rules did apply to Warren Beatty, this would have been a better flick.

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, but then again I'm old enough to have seen Warren Beatty's other movies. Alden Ehrenreich is excellent. Lily Collins is perfect. But I get the impression that everyone in Hollywood over the age of 50 called up Mr. Beatty and asked for a role in his movie. And being an old guy himself, Beatty obliged them. His wife is in the movie. So is Alec Baldwin. So is Candice Bergen. With the exception of the two youngsters, the cast could hold their own AARP meeting. Albeit it a good one. If you like history, or if you're curious about Howard Hughes or morals before the birth control pill was invented, then you'll like this movie. But most movie goers are between 13-25. Are they going to choose a movie like this for date night? Who knows? Maybe it will break even with help from Netflix and foreign sales. In fact, the most remarkable thing about the movie is that Beatty was not only capable of making a movie at age 79, but he also pulls off playing a character 20 years younger than he is. He remains a remarkable man.

Spencer Herrera ( 2017-03-25 )

too much HH

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