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Tum Bin 2

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Tum Bin 2 2016 Movie

Tum Bin 2 - Show Times

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Irma Howell ( 2017-02-02 )

A Sequel With Similar Plot Lines

The best part of this movie is location and music. Anubhav Sinha wanted to recreate the magic of his 2001 surprise hit but failed. Story is very much familiar. Acting of the lead characters are not convincing. Main drawback of Tum Bin 2 is bad characterization of the leads and plot. Their was a boldness in Pia (Sandali Sinha) and maturity in Shekhar (Priyanshu), which is missing in Tum Bin 2 and I personally missed Mili's (Amrita) character. Neha Sharma looks beautiful, as always. Ashim & Aditya needs to learn a lot. Sandali Sinha appearance was surprising. There is additional treat of Jagjit Singh's voice that joins Rekha Bhardwaj. BEST DIALOGUE : Jab Rona Aaye To Foot K Rolo, Or Jab Pyaar Aaye To Gale Laga Lo VERDICT: No can create the magic of Tum Bin(2001) again, not even Anubhav Sinha.

Leah Hayes ( 2017-03-16 )

Forceful emotion and pathetic performance from lead star cast

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Lynn Turner ( 2017-02-25 )

Failed to create the magic of Tum Bin

Anubhav Sinha highly disappointed with sequel of romantic musical saga. Huge flaw in script and dull performance of lead star cast. Neha Sharma looked so puzzled. Aashim Gulati has plain expression on his face through out. Aditya Seal was only actor who did good job. Kanwaljit Singh was good in supporting role. Music failed to touched the benchmark created by previous one. There is no replacement for Jagjit Singh's Koi Fariyaad. Although Rekha Bhardwaj tried a lot to reprise the old melody. Ewan Mulligan's cinematography was only treat to watch. Mouni Roy's Item number went totally unnoticed. Sandali Sinha's guest appearance was surprise for audience.

Lydia Walton ( 2017-01-29 )

Confused story

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Jacqueline Bishop ( 2017-02-18 )

Such waste of time. worst acting and worst script and storyline.

The best part of the movie is location, Kanwaljit Singh and Aditya Seal. The locations are wonderful. Kanwaljit Singh (papaji) does brilliant job. Neha Sharma looks good, but awful acting. Aashim Gulati (Amar) should not have been taken for this movie. Aditya seal needs to learn acting, but he looks really good and steals the screen whenever he is there. The characters in Tum Bin(2012) were unique, be it Sandali Sinha (Pia), Navneet Nishan (pupu), Amrita (milli), Priyanshu (Shekhar Malhotra). Here all the characters are too weak to like or appreciate them. The main drawback is the mishap ending, and the plot of the movie. songs are good, jagjit singh's voice is magical. Not sure if one can watch this movie till the end, its a very slow movie.

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