Tiger Girl

Tiger Girl (2017)


Tiger Girl

Tiger Girl (2017)

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Sonuç bulunamadı.


Ella Rumpf

Maria Dragus

Franz Rogowski

Benjamin Lutzke

Lana Cooper

Robert Gwisdek

Marco Albrecht

Franziska Breite

Julius Feldmeier

Joshua Grothe

Robert Maaser

Katharina Rivilis

Babette Schimanek

Eskindir Tesfay


Having failed to get into the police force, Margarete takes up training as a security guard. One night she runs into a sexually agressive ex-colleague who insists on hailing a taxi to take her home to his place. Enter Tiger: short brown hair, a tough girl and a fighter, the cab driver. Realising that the situation is far from consensual, Tiger speeds off with Margarete, leaving her companion standing in the street. It won’t be the last time she rushes to Margarete’s aid. Tiger lives in an attic flat with two men. She knows how to wield a baseball bat. Stealing a uniform from security and renaming Margarete ‘Vanilla’, she begins to steer her life in a completely different direction.