The Woods

The Woods (2011)


The Woods

The Woods (2011)

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Toby David

Justin Phillips

Nicola Persky

Brian Woods

Anne-Sophie Dutoit

Lauren Hamersmith

Adam Mortemore

Chris Edley

Amanda Furches

Nicola Victoria Buck

Salvador Gonzalez

Paul Gregory

Matthew Lessner

Jett Steiger

Carlos Vasquez


The Woods follows a group of young Americans who, disillusioned by the world's many problems, move to the wilds of the Pacific Northwest with hopes of creating their own utopian society. Despite their idealistic goals of revolution, the group comes ill prepared for their new life, bringing a wide assortment of consumer electronics, recreational vehicles and snack foods. After catastrophic events in the outside world sever their electricity and wifi, and their leader's once-inspiring rhetoric fails to hold them together, the group is forced to find a way to live in harmony with the natural world.