Solnechnyy udar (2014)



Solnechnyy udar (2014)

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Sonuç bulunamadı.

Sonuç bulunamadı.


Martinsh Kalita

Viktoriya Solovyova

Anastasiya Imamova

Sergey Serov

Kseniya Popovich

Andrey Popovich

Aleksandr Ustyugov

Aleksandr Oblasov

Aleksandr Borisov

Maksim Bityukov

Ilya Kiporenko

Vitaly Kishchenko

Miriam Sekhon

Natalya Surkova


The story is set in a filtration camp in November 1920, in the Crimea, after the evacuation of the White Army, when several dozen thousands of White officers were left behind on the peninsula. The officers are oblivious of their impending destiny, waiting for the resolution by the hands of the Red Army officials.[2] One of them —an unnamed captain (Mārtiņš Kalita) —is haunted by the memories of a dramatic and brief romance of 1907 and tries to understand how the Russian Empire fell apart and who is to blame. His laceration stops when all White officers get aboard an old barge, which the Reds drown in the Black Sea, and all officers perish.