Mad Sad Bad

Sin-chon-jom-bi-ma-hwa (2014)


Mad Sad Bad

Sin-chon-jom-bi-ma-hwa (2014)

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Sonuç bulunamadı.


Lee Da-wit

Sohn Su-hyun

Park Jung-Min

Park Ki-Woong

Nam Gyu-ri

Kim Soo-an

Park Mi-Hyeon

Hwang Byeong-guk

Kim Dong-young


Ryoo Seungwan, Han Jiseung, Kim Taeyong got together to make a 3D omnibus film. It's a 3D vision of terrible realities never far from popular culture today. The stages of its episodes are different with one another. Tragedies and fantasies unfold in the city, the woods, and the future. The 3D technique is used in scenes where the characters have fancies to get over suffering in reality. It's interesting to watch 3D scenes directed by representative directors of Korea, and it's noteworthy in terms of industry that this try displays the possibilities and realities of 3D film in Korea, as well. It's the new vision of KAFA's project, KAFA+