Roadside Massacre

Roadside Massacre (2012)


Roadside Massacre

Roadside Massacre (2012)

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Marina Resa

Elio Mardini

Dusty Probert

Matthew Schiltz

Fragino M. Arola

Summer Lima

Master Dave Johnson

Jordan Martin

Scott Seargeant


Five college friends take a detour while traveling to their spring break destination. They end up in the remote mountain town of Blueridge, where Karen (Marina Resa) believes her older sister went missing 2 years before. After a few odd encounters with the locals, Karen and her friends decide to continue their journey until an unexpected auto malfunction leaves them stranded. The group takes refuge in a local motel and soon learns that in Blueridge, "missing persons" is just a way of life. One-by-one they begin disappearing until the grizzly discovery is made that the local BBQ Rib Restaurant might be serving up more than anyone had bargained. |