Operation Shmenti Capelli

Operation Shmenti Capelli (2011)


Operation Shmenti Capelli

Operation Shmenti Capelli (2011)

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Harry Anichkin

Zahary Baharov

Kitodar Todorov

Vladimir Vladimirov

Plamen Peev

Georgi Spasov

Stefan Shterev

Konstantin Slavchev

Rositsa Litova

Vladislav Karamfilov


The whole Bulgaria is shaken by a sinister crime. In a moment of despair, after doing some drugs, the unemployed maths teacher Tseko Tsekov kidnapped two policemen and wants a big amount of money in exchange of their lives. One of the hostages is killed. No one has any doubts that Tsekov's intentions are serious. The mount of ten million dollars is paid, but... it mysteriously disappears. The kidnapper is forced to a mental institution, and the investigation has reached a dead end. Two years later the case is taken by the Department of Special Investigations of Exclusive Importance to the State, lead by General Gospodinov. The investigators from his team, named Faithev, Hopev and Lovev are confronted with the hard task to gather information from the few survivors of the incident and find out the reasons why and the real perpetrators. In the course of the investigation, the hypocrisy of all offices and officials who were obliged to help saving the hostages' lives, comes into the open. It turns out that the victim and the executioner are two faces of the same coin. |