Mr. Stink

Mr. Stink (2012)


Mr. Stink

Mr. Stink (2012)

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Hugh Bonneville

Steve Pemberton

Isabella Blake-Thomas

Harish Patel

Sheridan Smith

David Walliams

Nell Tiger Free

Johnny Vegas

Alex MacQueen

Di Botcher


Chloe is a lonely little girl with a mother more interested in entering right wing politics,father yearning for his old life as a rock guitarist and child prodigy younger sister. One day she meets Mr Stink,a malodorous tramp,and his clever dog the Duchess,and lets them live in the family's garden shed. Chloe becomes Mr Stink's best friend and,after he has refused to be part of the prime minister's homelessness campaign,she discovers his real identity and the sad events leading to his vagrancy. Mr Stink reunites Chloe's family but turns down their invitation to spend Christmas with them,though before moving on he thanks Chloe for giving him hope. |