My Friend from the Park

Mi amiga del parque (2015)


My Friend from the Park

Mi amiga del parque (2015)

Konum seçerek yakınınızdaki salonları bulun.

Sonuç bulunamadı.

Sonuç bulunamadı.


Julieta Zylberberg

Ana Katz

Daniel Hendler

Andrés Milicich

Mirella Pascual

Tomás Newkirk

Manuela García Dudiuk

Elías Langsam

Marina Belinco

Mariano Sayavedra

Marcos Montes

Bruno Gallo

Inés Saavedra

Malena Figo

Maricel Álvarez


While her filmmaker husband works in Chile, harried young mother Liz struggles to take care of her infant son. Feeling out of place amongst the tight-knit group of other parents at the park, doubted by her husband, and judged by her newly hired nanny, Liz is drawn to factory worker Rosa, a plain-talking single mother she meets at the swings one day. Despite Liz’s liberation upon finding a bold new confidante, the friends’ increasingly apparent class differences, along with swirling rumors about Rosa’s motives and muddy family situation, feed Liz’s suspicions that her new pal might be a sinister influence on her already fragile life.