Ludwig II

Ludwig II (2012)


Ludwig II

Ludwig II (2012)

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Sabin Țambrea

Sebastian Schipper

Tom Schilling

Uwe Ochsenknecht

Axel Milberg

Hannah Herzsprung

Edgar Selge

Gedeon Burkhard

Friedrich Mücke

Justus von Dohnányi

Samuel Finzi

Paula Beer

Peter Simonischek

Katharina Thalbach

August Schmölzer

Michael Fitz

Franz Dinda

André Eisermann

Pascal Breuer

Karl Fischer

Markus Böker

Christophe Malavoy

Bernd Birkhahn

Volker Michalowski

Markus Voellenklee

Wowo Habdank


Bavaria, 1864: Just 18, Crown Prince Ludwig is a striking young man. Tall and good-looking, he is passionate about the grim, brooding works of Richard Wagner with every fiber of his heart and soul. When King Maximilian II unexpectedly dies, Ludwig is proclaimed King of Bavaria and cheered enthusiastically by his subjects, who have put all their hopes for a better future in him. But he is naive, and soon has more enemies than friends. He believes in a better world and wants his people to live in peace and happiness. And to achieve this, his kingdom will become a center of beauty, ruled by the arts. His ministers can’t understand why he refuses to buy new weapons … |