The House

Dom (2011)


The House

Dom (2011)

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Judit Bárdos

Miroslav Krobot

Taťjana Medvecká

Marián Mitaš

Marek Geišberg

Ester Geislerová

Jana Oľhová


The film tells the story of an imperfect man's dream of a perfect family. Imrich builds a house for each of his daughters. In his own backyard in a remote Slovak village. When his older daughter Jana becomes pregnant at the tender age of 18, Imrich throws her out, stops building her house and focuses all his energy on building a second house for the younger Eva. What was once a small girl's innocent drawing of a dream has now become a nightmare for the teenage Eva. She is forced to work on the construction of her "gift". Every day, every spare minute of the day. Eva dreams rebelliously of love and the world beyond the walls built by her father... |