Philippe Joly

Doğum Yeri Moscow, 02.01.1976

Philippe Joly (Chinese: 狼森; pinyin: Lángsēn) (born 2 January 1976) is a French actor and screenwriter, born in Moscow, Russia. Joly is best known for his role as Zoltan in the 2015 film Pound of Flesh with Jean-Claude Van Damme and his role as Decimus in Jackie Chan’s film Dragon Blade directed by Daniel Lee, in which he appears alongside American actors John Cusack and Adrien Brody, and French singer/actress Lorie Pester. Joly regularly plays the villain in Action films in Asia, and appeared alongside major Hong Kong actors including Chow Yun Fat as a foreign gangster in From Vegas to Macau, and Andy Lau, whom he faced twice, first as a killer disguised as a maid in the film Mission Milano, and then as Chief Commissioner in Chasing The Dragon. Recent projects include Juno Mak's latest film "Sons of The Neon Night" (Chinese: 風林火山), and the Chinese Sci-fi action film Ultimate Code (Chinese: 终极代码) in which Joly plays a lead role as the main villain alongside a Chinese cast and fellow french actor and Parkour founder David Belle. As well as acting, Joly has also written many screenplays, and produced and directed a couple of Independent films in Hong Kong.. Joly speaks several languages (French, Russian, Italian and English), is an avid practitioner of close-up magic and card manipulation, and has trained in various Martial Arts since the age of 5. While not a stuntman, Joly often has to perform stunts as required by the Action film genre and the type of characters he plays. In the film Lust & Found, he choreographed the fight scene sequence.