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Naresh is a word popularly used among Hindus as a name. The meaning of Naresh is "King of Kings" or "Ruler of Man". Naresh may refer to: Naresh (city), city in Bahunpur, situated near Sura on a canal Naresh (actor), Indian movie actor in Tollywood Naresh Bhandari, Nepalese politician Naresh Bhardwaj, Canadian politician Naresh Dadhich (disambiguation), name of several persons Naresh Dalal, physical chemist Naresh Goyal (born 1950), Indian businessman Naresh Gujral, Indian politician Naresh Iyer, Indian singer Naresh Kamboj, Indian politician Naresh Mehta, Hindi writer Naresh Sohal (born 1939), Indian composer Naresh Trehan, Indian surgeon Naresh Kumar, tennis player Allari Naresh, Indian movie actor who works in Tollywood Ramnaresh Sarwan, West Indian cricketer