Dong Chengpeng

Doğum Yeri , 12.01.1982

Dong Chengpeng (Chinese: 董成鹏; pinyin: Dǒng Chéngpéng; born January 2, 1982), known professionally as Da Peng, was born in Ji'an, Jilin. He is a Chinese actor, director, scriptwriter, presenter and singer, graduated from Faculty of Management, JiLinJianZhu University, and was majored in Engineering Management. In 2004, he started his career as the host of a stars interview program called "INSTAR". In 2006, he published his single called ‘Autumn is the break up season’. In 2007, worked as the host of the talk show 'DaPeng Talk Show'. In 2008, he started his actor career, and join the movie 'Perfect Bride'. In 2010, he apprenticed at Zhao BenShan then be the fifityfifth student of Zhao. In 2011, he was the supporting actor in the series ‘Crazy Office’, and wrote the theme song ‘Not a Passer By’. In 2012, the mini comedy ‘Diors Man’ was self-directed and performed by him, then joined the show ‘Your Face Sounds Familiar’ , and won the champion of it. In 2013, published the book ‘Laugh Out Loud in the Tough Days’.ISBN 9787550223752 In 2014, get the ‘Esquire’ Crossover Reward. In 2015, his self-directed and performed movie 'Pancake Man' won ‘The Best 12th ‘China Movie Channel Media Award’, and he was given ‘Best New Director’, ‘Best New Actor’, in the same year he got ‘Chinese American Talents Exchange Outstanding Teenager Director Award’ in the 11th ‘Chinese American Film Festival’. In 2016, he was the hero in the movie 'I Am Not Madame Bovary', and won ‘The Best Supporting Actor ‘ of the 11th ‘The Asian Film Awards’ . In 2017, directed and performed the film 'City of Rock' by himself.