Woman's Love (A)

Un amour de femme 


Woman's Love (A)

Un amour de femme 

Konum seçerek yakınınızdaki salonları bulun.

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Sonuç bulunamadı.


Hélène Fillières

Raffaëla Anderson

Anthony Delon

Jeannick Gravelines

William Wayolle

Karole Rocher

Thierno Sy

Roselyne Delpuech

Thierry Nzeutem

Francine Robillard

Mathias Thibérioz

Riton Liebman

Léo Drif



Jeanne attends the birthday party of a friend of her husbands. There she meets a dancer named Marie and there is instant chemistry between them. Jeanne falls for Marie and they embark on an extramarital affair. The relationship is ended when Jeanne tells her husband and he makes her choose between them. Since there is a child involved Jeanne first decides to stay with David. Later she realizes the mistake she has made. |