Shroud (2009)



Shroud (2009)

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Charles Baker

Dylan Barth

Brian Chatlien

Larry Jack Dotson

Grace Holley


Shroud (2009) is the debut feature film from Jetrefilm Entertainment. Shroud follows a young womans journey from Holland to the America of the early 1860s torn by civil war. Having learned of her husbands peril in the Old West, she has withdrawn from the funeral of her prestigious father to make a dangerous transatlantic journey with her younger brother in tow. Arriving in the hidden town of Shroud, the woman begins to unravel a dark conspiracy involving a mysteriously misplaced mayor, his tortured wife, and a renegade posse of Confederate defectors. With history wrapped in superstition, and murders masked by myth, the woman reveals the secret of a dead Spanish Conquistador, a heretic hanged, and the 300-year old apache legend of an abomination. |