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Two Jesuit priests, Sebastião Rodrigues and Francis Garrpe, travel to seventeenth century Japan which has, under the Tokugawa shogunate, banned Catholicism and almost all foreign contact. There they witness the persecution of Japanese Christians at the hands of their own government which wishes to purge Japan of all western influence. Eventually the priests separate and Rodrigues travels the countryside, wondering why God remains silent while His children suffer.

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Tyler Parsons ( 2017-03-26 )

Powerful Kurosawa homage by the great Martin Scorsese

Saw an advance screening: This is a powerful film, incredibly challenging and well-acted. Amazing location footage, historical details from 17th century Japan, and depiction of a clash of cultures between East and West. Scorsese is clearly doing a Kurosawa homage here, as the film has an old-fashioned epic feeling to it. As for the plot based on Shusako Endo's historical novel, it's remarkably even-handed. At the time of the isolationist Tokugawa shogunate, which only ended in 1867 after American gunboats forced Japan's ports to reopen to trade, the Japanese clearly saw the Catholic faith as symbolic of Western cultural and political takeover. But does that justify the torture, coercion, and killing of Christians to make them abandon their faith? We might consider a historical analogy: When the Spanish later felt the same way, driving the Moors out of Spain and forcing those who remained to convert to Catholicism because of the perception that Islam symbolized cultural and political takeover, do we excuse the Spanish Inquisition? The best answer might be that we can understand even if we do not excuse violent push-backs against invading cultures. There is perhaps an allegory here, as well, to the current plight of Syrian refugees and their reception or non-reception by European nations. In any event, the themes here are rich and complex, and the cast -- particularly Garfield, Neeson, Driver, and the masterful Japanese actor who plays the inquisitor -- are outstanding. This is Scorsese at his finest, eschewing black-and-white thinking in favor of complex moral dilemmas. I don't think I've ever seen a mainstream Hollywood film that is as intelligent about addressing cross-cultural and inter-religious dialogue as "Silence." The anguish of religious faith is part of what's going on here, but it's only the centerpiece of a very rich cinematic canvas.

Pedro Hale ( 2017-03-28 )

Faith is tested again and again for nearly three hours.

It begins with a cacophonous medley of environmental sounds, such as crickets chirping, before cutting to absolute silence and the title. And then to a shot of severed heads. Perhaps this is Scorsese adding in some of his signature bits of artistic representations and violence. But what follows is an excruciating exercise in repetition, as faith is tested again and again for nearly three hours, with a relentlessness better reserved for succinct motifs, not heavy-handed, protracted lessons on religious dogmata. ..

Bobby Phelps ( 2017-03-23 )

an interesting but altogether disappointing experience

I was extremely interested to watch this film after having watched the trailer and I think that the subject of Christianity in feudal Japan is something that is not often seen on the big screen. However I was left extremely disappointed by Silence from start to finish. I found the attention to small details of 17th century Japan was the only saving grace in a film where the acting, imagery and length especially were very drawn out and, to be honest, I was glad when it was all over. I have no idea why if none of the three main Portuguese characters can actually do a Portuguese accent they wouldn't just speak normally or use actors that could do the accent. The imagery of stepping on an image of Christ was used so repeatedly with so little happening in between it was difficult to remain interested or for the act itself to hold its importance. There was very little to endear any of the characters to the audience apart from characters that played too small a role. Many of the scenes in this film are needlessly long and really do beg the question of why this film has seemingly been constructed to take so long to tell the story that it needs to. I realise many people will have read the book and so may be able to look past this - I understand as well that this film may be viewed differently by people who have faith to how I viewed it myself. Having said this rather than let another Scorsese fan get sucked in by a trailer that looks to tackle a very interesting period in history I thought it best to warn people that you won't get these three hours of your life back.

Julio Strickland ( 2017-01-14 )

Praying in silence

Set in 1600s, "Silence" follow two Jesuits from Portugal who were sent to Japan looking for father Ferrera - who denounced God in public. And as soon as they arrive to Japan, a series of events was set in motion to emphasize the controversial question we have all been asking ourselves: "Is there a god?" First, I must say, this could have been a boring and dull movie. However, under the hand of a veteran director like Martin Scorsese, the story became thrilling and deeply haunting, with the setting in Japan (Shot in Taiwan) just make it more beautiful. As a Christian converted from Buddhist myself, I find a resemblance of my concern within the context of this movie. While it is unquestionably faithful to Christianity, Martin successfully balanced the movie to make you have to question yourself is there a god and is he listening to our prayer. That is quite impressive, considering that he is Catholic. The movie also showcase how incredibly good the trio main characters are and so are the Japanese actors. They were so good that even though the movie was filled with dialogue for 3 hours long, I never look away from the screen. Although the movie would make you look away from it because of its uncomfortable contents. All in all, this is the best movie I have seen this year and you should give a chance because it's Scorsese. It can't go wrong.

Darryl Roy ( 2017-02-06 )

Great film that runs too long

Silence is amazing. Martin Scorsese has proved to be the most consistent filmmaker of all time with a great body of work for each decade he's made movies. Here he continues to be as versatile and impressive as ever. Just by looking at the past two movies he has made, Silence and The Wolf of Wall Street, you can see this man has no bounds. He's probably the only filmmaker who's quality hasn't gone down over time, and this film proves it. ..

Gertrude Wong ( 2017-02-15 )

The latest temptation of Martin Scorsese

With regards to Martin Scorsese's SILENCE, let me just put it this way, I saw Scorsese's 1988's "The Last Temptation Of Christ," back when I was in college, as you know that film was also an adaptation, and I thought it was pure masterpiece just in terms of its themes because whether or not you'd want to argue that perhaps that some of the approach may have been sacrilegious or religiously inconsiderate, if you will, to me it was about wondering the what if's and whether or not doubt has any footing in order for faith to grow. To a certain extent, SILENCE conveys something similar. ..

Susan Phillips ( 2017-01-14 )

book lovers dreaming of what could have been...

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Jeannette Snyder ( 2017-04-09 )

Disappointed Scorsese project

Having read the book I was full of anticipation for this movie for years. I had high hopes that Scorsese could bring the story to the big screen in his own way- creating a soaring epic with the Scorsese touch shown time and time again. ..

Jonathon Watkins ( 2017-02-28 )

Starts in 1500s and NEVER ENDS

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Darren Burton ( 2017-02-28 )

Masterful In Craft & Rich In Experience, But Dreary In Nature

SILENCE (2016) ** Andrew Garfield, Adam Driver, Liam Neeson, Ciaran Hinds, Shin'ya Tsukamoto. Martin Scorsese's Herculean effort to adapt Shusaku Endo's novel about Christianity under fire during the 17th century in Japan where Jesuits find themselves persecuted for their imposing their religious beliefs on the populace involving a pair of young priests (Garfield and Driver) to journey into the darkness to find a mentor (Neeson) and instead become immersed in the hell on Earth enforced. Riddled with torture, violence and questioning your faith is all old school Scorsese (who co-wrote the script with long-time collaborator Jay Cocks decades in the making) for sure but the film is a laborious slog-fest and very tedious in repeating its message and theme over and over. Garfield who usually excels has the whole film on his slender shoulders and fails to provide any real empathy for a character you basically want to scream at "Just Do What They Ask You To Do Already!" is a cinema website serving you dear visitors 7/24 to give information about all movies, now playing movies, show location of nearest theaters and sessions, trailers of upcoming movies and information about actors and actresses, their biographies, videos and photographs. is the only interactive website where visitors can interact with each other using Facebook, Twitter and Google. is a global website using highly advanced web technologies and is served in 7 different languages apart from English and can give the visitors same service from the countries where these languages are spoken. Cinematheater is differented from his rivals by giving you an archive of 500.000 movies and is one of the websites where you can instantly find information about now playing movies in theaters.

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