S3 (2017) - SHOWTIMES

S3 (2017) - SHOWTIMES (2017)


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Romance, Action
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Uncompromising police chief Durai Singam battles against a criminal operation dealing in deadly toxic waste.

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Bobby Phelps ( 2017-05-08 )

Singam 3 a definite treat for action movie lovers! Fast-paced film which turns out to be both positive and negative !!!

Singam 3 a definite must watch movie for those who falls under the face-paced action genre. A great round of applause to Suriya the hero of this movie who carried the entire movie in his shoulder (apart from all the shouting) Suriya did true justice to the character. And the captain of the ship director Hari has once again proved that he is the king of commercial movies in India. This is the fastest movie under his direction. We have to salute director Hari for pointing out the medical and electronic waste subject where corrupted politicians secretly deals with foreign countries, which is happening in India. Yes! Its is happening and great respect to Hari for pointing this out. As said earlier, due to the speed of the movie this messages was totally ignored by many. Hari could have strengthen this medical and electronic wastage problem. Pace of the film was too fast but for no reason. It wasn't leading anywhere. Same old cat and mouse game. There were many logic loopholes, but at the end of the day its a "masala commercial" genre which was invented by us Indians which we are "proud" of. -_- Come on man we invented our own genre. Jokes aside.. SPEAKING OF JOKES.. Harris Jayaraj THE BIGGEST JOKE in this film, worst music and BGM ever for an film and it just had to be Suriya's movie (the most talked about combo Suriya-Harris). Shruti Hassan could have been totally avoided and Soori's comedy turned out to be a disastrous one. But apart from all this the energy Suriya had for this movie will grip you towards the screen and the hard work of Hari and his team in delivering a film that wont even let you blink once is definitely worth the shot! A great action cop film ! My score - 6.9/10

Carlos Massey ( 2017-06-12 )

A hat trick from Director Hari and Surya

The story sets in soon after the title card. The first half an hour was slow. But once the investigation gets intense the movie, like the camera of Priyan moves faster. The last hour an hour before the interval kicked out the dizziness. ..

Susan Phillips ( 2017-06-04 )

An Excellent Masala Entertainer !!!!!

Suriya is the one and only reason for the awesomeness of this movie.He is just rocking as an actor all through.The first half is just pakka amazing full of entertainment.As actresses of the film Shruthi and anushka are appearing in compressed roles.Nxt amazing part is the punch dialogues and especially the English dialogues.Next is the appearance and looks of Duraisingam (Suriya Sir) with his tight packed body and the singam cuts he looks exactly like a lion.The last but not the least the songs.locations,visual effects,and the handsome villain for a handsome hero,even though he is a debutant he rocked all through the film.Harris Jayaraj Musical nothing more to say about that he will always rock the feeling when we hear the songs at the theater is unexplainable.Hen comes to story line it is a more complicated story line as compared to the last two parts with a little suspense.All and all it is an entertaining film.

Penny Mclaughlin ( 2017-05-08 )

Suriya Handsome as ever !!!!!!

A film that does not let you get out from your seats.The action packed performance of Suriya is the big fat reason for this.For Suriya fans it will be a big celebration at the theatres. When comes to songs the best feeling is the Harris Jayaraj Musics It just rocked all over the theatre.We were extremely happy with what suriya did his hard-work and dedication towards the filim was just amazing.The story is more acting packed and suriya comes in executive dresses more than compered to cop uniforms as he is an investigating officer.Soori performed very well to entertain the audience. The villain was just amazing handsome villain for a handsome hero . The director hari must be proud of the sequel.

Flora Greer ( 2017-05-27 )

Surya The Police Officer Is Back In Action

Went to watch Surya New Movie Singam 3 and was I disappointed ?. No way as I loved this film. When it comes to Police Movies, I would have to say that Surya is the best, Having acted in Kakka Kakka, Singam 1,2 and now Singam 3 which is the third film in the Singam Series. I Would have to say right now Surya has been on a role acting in some good movies such as, Singam 1,2, Anjaan, 24 and now this movie. ..

Maria Sparks ( 2017-04-21 )

As expected and equally entertaining

Singam 3 The film is surely the first trilogy in tamil film industry. And making a trilogy series successful is something that only a director like Hari can do. Its the same old background story with a cop investigating a series of events and finds the culprit. But what makes the movie interesting is the screenplay. The movie goes in 4g speed. First let me clarify this. Many people have said the bgm and songs suck. Let me tell you the songs are way better than DSP's songs for the same series. And the bgm were actually good. But the only point is the bgm has been made loud to suit the scenes. Hari has indeed wanted that from harris but actually the bgm was good and suitable to those scenes. SURYA has done a neat job of portraying the role with the same characteristics. Anushka and Shruthi have just played the same role of how commercial heroines do in usual movies. It's only Hari and Surya who rock throughout the movie. Their combo definitely strikes the chord again. Watch it with your family and you will surely enjoy. Don't expect something new from it. It's the same old masala commercial film which will not make you upset when you leave the theatre

Jessie Figueroa ( 2017-06-18 )

the lion roared loudly although

The Singam sequels are superficial cop stories. To enjoy it, you will have to distance yourself from reality. The treatment could be loud and not practically possible, but you get 100% action packed fun. This edition of Singam is no different when it comes to entertainment. When you are going to bring back a powerful character like Durai Singam, you definitely need a strong and never-heard-before story. It has an interesting core story and Hari has done full justice to the script with an engaging screenplay. Soori's comedy doesn't work what so ever. In most Hari films the comedy slows the tempo of the film. Though Hari has understood that and reduced the number of comedy scenes, none of the few that were shown in this film attracts you and sometimes even annoys you. The editor does have a major work to do as he has so many scenes to maneuver around than a normal commercial film. Though you laud him for giving us a crisp product, we also need to point out the fact that the final product is not smooth and few scenes get over even before it starts.

Maria Sparks ( 2017-03-20 )

Excellent action movie

Excellent action movie.Surya only can do films and act like this and I challenge that no one can do this type of quality act.Hope Singam 4 would arrive and continue to roar as these series of Singam movie. Also about the director Hari for giving us the wonderful movies and perfection in the style he shows the hero very manly.Heroines do execute their act in good way.Comedy could have been good as I expected but they are not so.Any how I rate it 10.

Marcos Barker ( 2017-04-12 )

Typical Singam Style Entertainer

Singam 3 was one of the most anticipated Tamil film of 2017 starring Suriya as the protagonist.As like the prequels Durai Singam is set for another risky crime investigation where he encounters great challenges which he overcomes and eventually succeeding in his mission.The movie is all about Singam and Suriya yet again has proved that he is the master in acting films of these sorts.The acting has been complete and dominating throughout the movie.The overall cast let us down as some of the actors lacked their part and failed to grab much attention of the audience.The tone of the movie was in no much difference with its prequels.The romance set between the story didn't rise up to the mark. The BGM was quite loud whereas most songs in the movie failed to impress.The climax was too predictable after the first half.The direction was pretty ordinary ,mixing up comedy and serious scenes.The story sometimes went out of logic but the stunts were really awesome and pulsating.The stunts were of high class even though it was a little exaggerated. Overall the movie is a good entertainer for the its stunts and comedies but only a one time watch for the story.

Susan Phillips ( 2017-05-05 )

an exhausting experience

let me tell you that i knew the story of the movie even before its release. it was so easy to assume and the director is so good at repeating the same story with a slightly different screenplay. but for those who are interested in fast pace and doesn't bother about what the story is might like it but not true moviegoers. this movie is all about screaming chasing and bashing. not even 10minutes without a fight or a chasing scene. only few directors are trying to take the industry to the next level but movies like this will drag them down to where they were 10 years ago. SAY NO TO SINGAM 4

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