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Pocket Listing - SHOWTIMES (2016)

Pocket Listing

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Double crosses, adultery, murder, mistaken identity, and revenge ensue when a mysterious power player and his sultry wife hire a disgraced Los Angeles property broker to discreetly market and sell their Malibu villa.

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Roosevelt Ward ( 2017-04-05 )

Light entertainment

This is a fun and relatively clever little film, far from perfect and a bit slow to get going but generally enjoyable overall. What's interesting about it is that it is set in the backdrop of the American real estate crises but somehow it doesn't dwell on the drama of that dilemma. Rather, it spins an energetic crime caper about a Malibu villa and all the players that are trying to sell it for their own very shady reasons. As long as the film stays with this threadline, it works. When it tries to become a bit message oriented with a subplot about a Downtown tenement that's tied to the sale of the house and to the main real estate agent, it loses momentum and becomes less zesty. Fortunately, it maintains enough energy to keep the audience engaged and one most give credit to the younger actors in the film for really carrying it nicely. Lowe and Reynolds have smaller parts but it's really the fresh faced ingenues that make this film pop. Overall, "Pocket Listing" is certainly ambitious, somewhat flawed but undeniably compelling.

Meredith Klein ( 2017-03-23 )

Hell of a film...

What a ride... Expertly directed by Conor Allyn, this twisty, unpredictable, darkly comic Los Angeles fable takes you on a tour of some wonderfully amoral characters as they hustle, bustle, wheel, deal, and scheme their way through the maze of real estate. At its core is a rise and fall morality play, but what makes the film so damn enjoyable and engaging is its sardonic, humorous edge and its bitingly satirical look at material excess and the extreme juxtaposition between the haves and the have notes. Written with zeal and luster by confident and charismatic lead Jurdi, "Pocket Listing" is a hybrid of various genre films yet manages to maintain a smooth, even tone. The chemistry between the actors is palpable, with every player giving it their all and a little more. Watch out for drop dead beauty scene stealer Clark, who just oozes with raw talent and unbridled sexuality. This is the kind of film that rarely gets made anymore and that doesn't always face the best odds in today's marketplace of bombastic blockbusters, but for my dollar, it's as good as anything I've seen in a while.

Bryan Flores ( 2017-03-23 )

terrific sleeper

A sophisticated black comedy about karma, revenge, redemption, and crooked real estate deals. What I enjoyed most about "Pocket Listing" was the way it blended social messages with embellished, exaggerated action. Driven by first-rate performances from Lowe, Reynolds plus a crew of gifted unknowns (Jurdi, Fahey, Clark), the story keeps you invested from start to finish as the viewer follows the journey of a Los Angeles real estate agent as he falls from grace and then gets a shot at a comeback which proves to be quite a dicey proposition. The film's momentum really builds once the agent starts trying to sell a lavish Malibu villa, with sexy twists and turns taking the plot into unforeseen directions. Throughout the whole show, laces of dark humor and Coen-brother like quirkiness seeps into the drama and elevates the material. Bottom line-- this is a terrific sleeper filled with surprises and unexpected laughs. Not to be missed.

Alfredo Gomez ( 2017-04-14 )

Finally-- a real estate EPIC!!!

They've made great films about Wall Street, bankers, stock brokers, and even insurance salesmen. But not in recent memory has the real estate agent been a prominent film character. Now, we finally have it -- the real estate EPIC, and I'll be darned if it isn't damn good. ..

Matt Bridges ( 2017-03-29 )

A smart, fun, sexy dark comedy

Movies like "Pocket Listing" are a dying breed. The smart, crime thriller is a rarity these days, but one that laces its cleverly constructed plot with welcome doses of dark humor and satire is an even more extinct cinema species. ..

Stephen Fitzgerald ( 2017-01-29 )

Full of twists, turns, and fun!

This was just a really enjoyable film from start to finish. It takes unexpected twists and turns throughout the course of its devilishly clever script. Filled with great performances, the story takes us on a wild ride through the Los Angeles real estate scene. Flashy but substantial, it keeps the viewer thoroughly invested, never boring and always throwing new curveballs just when we get comfortable. Films like this can usually get lost in the shuffle of Hollywood blockbuster releases, but hopefully "Pocket Listing" will find the audience it deserves.

Josephine Jennings ( 2017-01-14 )

Smart Movie Making

Pocket Listing is a heart pounding dark comedy/thriller that is intelligent, stylish, and a wild thrill ride. It is simply a smart movie that the large studios just don't make anymore. It is thankfully void of all the excessive Hollywood cartoon nonsense of gratuitous noise and special effects. Mature and sophisticated moviegoers can really appreciate that Pocket Listing showcases an engaging story, great acting, tight script, superb visuals, and ultimately just a great day at the movies. Bright new star James Jurdi brilliantly shines, and is supported by a stellar cast and superb acting including Hollywood Icon Bert Reynolds. Kudos to independent filmmaking — Pocket Listing is a refreshing, thought provoking, and fun movie. Go see it, you will love it!

Flora Greer ( 2017-01-16 )

Sly, Snappish, and Satisfying

A shrewd script is nicely realized in this surprisingly funny and engaging little film which will hopefully garner the attention it deserves. From the opening montage of the film, where a successful but smarmy L.A. real estate agent is casually addressing the audience by breaking the fourth wall and literally taking us on a tour of his gleefully duplicitous and lavish world, we know we're in for both a good time. But what we also get is an astutely satirical look at the superficial materialism we've grown to value as a society at large. The film turns into both a morality play and eventually a chess game light thriller, but never loses both its edge or its playful, darkly comic tone. The performances by both known players (Lowe, Reynolds) and up and comers (Jurdi, Clark, Fahey) are equally effective and engaging, creating a terrific, character-driven piece which benefits largely from sharp dialog and even crisper delivery by its talented cast. One can imagine that this would have been a much bigger, more widely publicized film if it was directed by the likes of a Scorsese, but kudos to the filmmakers for maintaining a uniquely independent spirit and combining genre elements which make this film both very commercial but also just quirky enough to sit outside the bombastic blockbuster zone. If you're looking for a clever and fun flick, make the investment in "Pocket Listing."

Belinda Howard ( 2017-04-05 )

Very Entertaining 8/10

A thoroughly entertaining expose on the treacherous dealings of contemporary real estate agents in Los Angeles. The film starts off strong then sags a little in the middle, losing its way a bit when main character Jack falls from grace and winds up a landlord at a slum building. Things really pick up though when he is hired by a sexy vixen to sell a Malibu villa owned by her and her quietly menacing husband (a super fun Lowe). Not the most realistic and by the book depiction of commerce, economics, and recession, "Pocket Listing" soars most when it is combining both crime genre and dark comedy elements. Give credit to new faces Jurdi and Clark for really turning on the heat and delivering stand out performances which more than hold their own opposite experienced vets like Lowe and Reynolds. "Pocket Listing" takes a bit to build up but when it does, it truly delivers. 8/10

Dwayne Horton ( 2017-01-19 )

A charming Los Angeles crime comedy

I am a sucker for movies set in the city of Angels. From "Heat" to "Collateral" to "The Player" to "Nightcrawler," I just find that L.A. is such a cinematic city, no pun intended. Something about its landscape, climate, and sprawling geography make it an outstanding backdrop for all kinds of fascinating stories. Now, we can welcome "Pocket Listing" to the list of awesome movies which have put the great town of L.A. to use. In fact, not only does the film put its setting to use, it practically turns it into one of the main characters of the plot. Set in the high stakes world of competitive real estate around the economic crash, "Listing" examines one agent's ascent and descent from the hills of Hollywood to the slums of Downtown. The film uses the landscape not only as pretty scenery but also to depict the varying degrees of distinction between those fortunate enough to have survived and thrived during the recession to those who weren't so lucky and had to live hand to mouth. Guiding us through both worlds is our protagonist Jack (Jurdi, who I haven't seen much of before but carries the film beautifully). As he wheels and deals and finally lands himself a potential "make it or break it" deal at a palatial Malibu villa which has all kind of strings attached, the film veers between dark comedy, lightweight thriller, and zingy socioeconomic commentary. Throughout it all, we have terrific performances pushing things forward, from Lowe to Reynolds to the excellent Fahey and Clark (also up and comers who have hopefully bright futures). "Pocket Listing" could be looked at as many things: a real estate movie, a morality play, a sexy, comedic thriller, but I most prefer to place it in the category of great genre movies about L.A. The city tells its story in this film, and in the end the story becomes a wide-ranging tall tale of a city and its inhabitants.

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