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Nocturnal Animals - SHOWTIMES (2016)

Nocturnal Animals

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Drama, Thriller
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A woman named Susan receives a book manuscript from her ex-husband — a man she left 20 years earlier — asking for her opinion of his writing. As she reads, she is drawn into the fictional life of Tony Hastings, a math professor whose family vacation turns violent.

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Mitchell Silva ( 2017-04-01 )

This devilishly stylish thriller left me in a trance

Nocturnal Animals is a dark and devilishly stylish thriller from Tom Ford, who knows a thing or two about style having worked as creative director for both Gucci and Yves Saint Lauren in the past. It could have been in danger of being a case of style over substance however, Ford's perfectionism makes this one of the most powerful films I've seen all year. ..

Gloria Brock ( 2017-02-09 )

awful/pointless exercise in despair with no redeeming qualities

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Mitchell Silva ( 2017-04-14 )

Nocturnal Animals is a tale of redemption, revenge, love and cruelty.

Not sure why this is getting such slavishly, raving, reviews (although I suspect it's because of the 'luvvie' aspect thanks to the director). It was painful, tiresome and somewhat hideous to sit through. It felt like a very poor nod to David Lynch, and the theme of despair and lack of redemption didn't add to it's lack of charm. I read a review on the Odeon site which summed it up for me, so my review will loosely echo a guy on that site. The film starts how it means to go on - it assaults your senses in a really unpleasant way. There is nothing new or clever about this film; it's an exercise in bleakness, despair and much hand-wringing and naval-gazing by the main protagonist, Susan. Lest there is any doubt in the mind of the viewer about the theme towards the end, an art piece that spells 'revenge' is given a bit of air time and another angsty scene is written around it. It's nothing but an empty, dark little exercise in despair, thinking itself more clever than it actually is. I nearly walked out in the first ten minutes from the opening scene alone. I wish I had.

Clinton Lewis ( 2017-03-22 )

More style than substance?

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Jordan Alvarado ( 2017-02-22 )

This movie is like sex without orgasm

Fashion Designer and Film Director Tom Ford premiered his new film, Nocturnal Animals, at the Sala Grande Theater during the 73rd Venice International Film Festival. Nocturnal Animals received this year's Silver Lion – Grand Jury Prize (generally considered runner-up to the Golden Lion – Best Film). This was Ford's second feature film. His first film was the critically acclaimed, A Single Man (2009) starring Colin Firth. Firth receiving an Oscar nomination for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role for his efforts. ..

Margarita Jefferson ( 2017-03-26 )

A Beautiful Nightmare.

At the outset, i should make it clear that i don't think this is a bad film, but i felt the need to add a dissenting voice to the collection of positive reviews that i've read so far. The film is an amalgamation of elements that should work beautifully, but ultimately resembles one of the sterile offerings to be found in Susan's gallery. The acting is superb throughout, and the nuanced performances of Amy Adams & Jake Gyllenhaal are worthy of their reputations. The subtle transitions from dead and lifeless to young and vibrant, exhibited by the former at various stages of the film, is one of the most striking features of the piece. The film is beautifully shot and well directed, and there are some truly moving scenes in parts. However, as one reviewer has already alluded to, the film feels like it is desperate to say something, but ultimately says very little. Perhaps i just didn't get it at all. The problem i had was with a lack of emotional connection to either of the main protagonists. It's interesting to find out what happens to both as the film builds, but ultimately i didn't care either way. My partner and i spent some time examining the film on the way home, discussing the parallels between the story at the heart of the film, and the realities that continue around it, but despite our rudimentary analysis of what each one meant for the other, and an understanding that there are some clever parallels, what remained was the underlying sense of "so what?".

Blanche Mason ( 2017-03-29 )

Don't waste your time, pretentious crap

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Matt Bridges ( 2017-03-12 )

Stylish and Thrilling

Don't you love my title? Don't you love how I make a statement? Just like this piece of crap film thinks it does. I don't think the writer realized it was a movie not an abstract painting. Movies have purposes, movies have a beginning, a middle, and an end; movies that build to something usually lead somewhere but this pile of junk leads nowhere! Frustratingly nowhere! Hence the title of my review. It builds and builds and has no release it just ends abruptly if you want to call it an ending. so our leading lady is a cliché. She's a career woman married to a career man whose having an affair which is not shocking at all. She was married once before and her ex-husband,a novelist, sends her his book. Most of the movie is about the guy in the story whose wife and daughter are kidnapped and raped. He works for over a year with a detective to catch the murderers. Now why the entire movie was not that story instead is beyond me. I could give a crap less about how she left her novelist husband after aborting his child just to end up with a cheating husband. Who cares about that storyline since it had no point! That storyline ends with her being stood up in a restaurant drinking scotch. The end. Really? I also found out Tom Ford designs clothes. He should probably stick with that. And the beginning of this movie with fat naked women dancing in slow motion was supposed to be some crap statement when really it was just uncomfortable to watch and stupid. About as pointless as the film itself. The film creator is the man and the audience the woman in my mind. Having said that the "man" is pleased. They made money, managed to get brilliant actors to do their crap film, and live happily ever after in their mansions. I the "woman" or audience if you will am left unsatisfied and $9 shorter but hey glad i could contribute to their yachts. And for those who like this junk and think I'm too dumb to grasp metaphors if thats what this ..

Lindsay Buchanan ( 2017-02-16 )

A story within a story movie. but not a very good one.

The latest directorial effort from fashion designer Tom Ford, Nocturnal Animals is an assault on the senses. I say this as a complement though. From the gaudy and gratuitous opening credits to it's varied palette of moody colours, it screams excess and expense. But unlike many movies that feature visuals like these, the movie doesn't paint them positively. Instead, our main character is trapped in a terrifying limbo of what she admits is her own creation. One day, she receives a manuscript from her ex-husband, played by Jake Gyllenhal. Due to their rough split almost two decades prior, she reads into every word. The manuscript weaves a story that resonates with her broken state of living. She wonders. Is it a threat? Just a harmless attempt to reconnect? Or something else entirely? Cue top class acting and a story that is as dark as they come. This is a short review and there is a reason why. Nocturnal Animals is a movie best experienced with as little prior knowledge of the plot as possible. So, get out there. In the jungle of mostly underwhelming movies that is 2016, this is a movie you can't miss out on.

Mitchell Silva ( 2017-02-28 )


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