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No Love Lost

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Drama, Romance
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An obsessive stranger with unexpected intentions threatens a young couple's illicit relationship.

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Gail Logan ( 2017-03-24 )

One to watch!

Seldom do short films impress to the point of leaving a deep impression upon you days later. This short took me completely by surprise and made me go WOW! As an American, watching a shorts program in London, it was really interesting to watch a story about the kind of discrimination and prejudice that is not commonplace here in the States. No Love Lost is a beautiful and dare I say brilliantly crafted film, without dialog, following a young Jewish/Muslim couple and if I say any more I will enter spoiler territory, which I like to avoid as much as possible. It had me intrigued and in suspense from start to finish. Director Shekhar Bassi keeps you fully engaged with his beautiful story, and visual style, told through strong-centered performances from actors Joshua James, Scarlett Brookes and Meena Rayann – a perfect cast of unknowns. The characters are well developed, as is their emotional journey. You never feel as if there should be dialog in the film that invites you to use your own interpretations and goes as far as playing with your sympathies as they shift unexpectedly between the characters. In hindsight, the director does not over dramatize or play up the discrimination subtext and concentrates on telling a simple love story, which keeps with the interpretive aspect of the film. The beautiful cinematography and powerful music score add more layers to this smartly crafted short. The editing is seamless and smooth. An impressive film from clearly a very talented film-maker. ---------------------------------- NO LOVE LOST was one of eight short films nominated for the Satyajit Ray Foundation Short Film Award, that I watched on Tuesday the 15th July 2014 as part of the London Indian Film Festival at the ICA in Central London. Unfortunately I can't post reviews on three of the eight shorts: RANI, ALCHEMY & DEVIL IN BLACK STONE as they don't have supporting IMDb pages.

Jessie Figueroa ( 2017-06-12 )

Seriously brilliant; seriously talented.

Can one say that a filmmaker is 'viciously talented'? If not, I would like to coin that phrase and apply it to the filmmaker behind this short film. Shekhar Bassi's 'No Love Lost' is a superb film and piece of filmmaking. I am not one for waxing lyrical about every great film I see or sitting down to write about it. The last one I sang praises about was 'Frank' and now this film. Saw it last night at the Portobello Film Festival as part of a programme of short films titled 'Love'. Four films into the programme, I could not decide if I should get myself drunk to sit through the rest or whether I should just leave because the films were bad but it was a free screening. 'No Love Lost' was the fifth film and I am glad I stayed - the best film of the night and of the festival so far. A story of forbidden love but nothing like you would ever expect and trust me when I say reading the synopsis or seeing the trailer does not prepare you for the unexpected. Discounting a short litany of prayers, there was no dialogue in the film just a brilliant music score. You were kept guessing where the film was going and from start to finish I was on the edge of my seat. The writing, the directing, the cinematography, the acting is awesome. I loved the fact that the film had two strong and central female characters and they were not stereotypes. Each of the characters including the smaller parts did so much, said so much by saying nothing. After watching so many films and short films over the years and going to all the festivals in London I have to confess this director and his short film are the first to make my jaw drop and really really impress me. One of the coolest things is that this is a British film. People should watch this film and I hope all the festivals choose to show his brilliant work.

Oliver Freeman ( 2017-06-11 )

Brilliance on show.

A wonderful film that should be seen by all. This year High Falls Film Festival had a really good selection of interesting films by women. My favorite, even though it's only a short, was NO LOVE LOST. Produced by Gemma LLoyd and Helen Silver along with the creative team of brothers Shekhar Bassi and Shalinder Bassi. I am glad that the festival programmers looked beyond the 'films by women' factor and selected No Love Lost on merit. A simple yet powerful story without any dialog that weaves poetically through the lives of three characters in an unexpected love triangle. Performances by Scarlett Brookes, Meena Rayann and Joshua James are strong. The film does not focus on the race and religion subtext but draws into the realm of identity and asks the question whether identity is what you see or what you are? Written by the Bassi Brothers and directed by Shekhar Bassi, the handling of the material is impressive and Shekhar Bassi visualizes his story without judging anybody or telling us what to think. You can see the brilliance of the director's style and sense of cinema. Following from watching this film I managed to read and see more of the filmmaker's work. He certainly exhibits a flare for handling female characters but without stereotyping them. Scarlett Brookes and Meena Rayann are terrific throughout the film and you remain on the edge of your seat. Best Film of the festival that deserves recognition for what it is and the makers of the film.

Judith Vaughn ( 2017-04-22 )

Beautiful and powerful.

(My words have been translated from Spanish to English by a friend.) It is the best film I have seen at the Ojo Al Sancocho. A very talented director with a smart and emotional story. I love cinema and am always wanting to see films from everywhere in the world. The festival Ojo Al Sancocho gives an opportunity to see many short films but a lot of these are from my continent and the stories are not special. No Love Lost made me feel it was made for me. It was imagined for me. It was meant to speak to me. I liked very much the director choosing to have no dialogue in the film. It made the film powerful and my heart moved with the emotional and visual journey that the three beautiful characters were taking. I think the music is beautiful and it is from a Brazilian composer. Wonderful to see that film is so universal in story and in design. No love lost is an amazing cinematic film that makes you question how do you view the people around you. Do you believe what you see or do you try to understand what you don't see. I am now hoping that one day I will see a long film from this brave filmmaker.

Rosalie Santiago ( 2017-04-14 )

A big WOW! without a doubt.

I want to say brilliant and beautiful but it's what all the reviewers who loved the film like I did had to say. There is no doubting this is a brilliant and beautiful piece of filmmaking. Subtle, powerful and non-judgmental.As I was watching, i really thought something predictable or some cliché is about to jump out at me but the writer/director Shekhar Bassi does not so that. The actors and acting are wonderful to watch. I recognized Meena Rayann from Games of Thrones. The direction and cinematography standout just as does the editing. Love the flow and pace of the film. The visuals story-telling works perfectly with the music which is a proper score.I am looking forward to seeing more films from the very talented writer/director Shekhar Bassi. I want to thank my friends who shared a Facebook post about No Love Lost with me. It was a Vimeo link to No Love Lost. Am not a regular Vimeo visitor because I have never agreed with the whole idea of being told what to do or what is good for me. For some reason sites like Vimeo and Short of the Week think they know what I would like or is my pick or is my short of the week. I can judge good and bad for myself.

Elmer Stevenson, ( 2017-03-28 )

Beautiful emotional ride.

I am a big fan of films and am enjoying the Omaha Film Festival. Sadly the festival finishes today but I am hoping there will be more good films to see. It's been a mixed bag. My stand-out film of the festival is this short film NO LOVE LOST. I have seen a few films over the years that have no dialog and No Love Lost did it so well. The story is beautiful and powerful. You think it will go in one direction but it takes a few turns because the director makes you stay with each and every character, with each and every moment in the film. I loved the actors and how they portrayed their characters. It's a story about love and differences between people and how our prejudices can dictate us in every little thing. The directing is just awesome and I checked out other work by the director. His film Faux Depart made me go wow too. Love the music on the film. I am keeping my fingers crossed Omaha will give the film the Best Short Film award.

Madeline Hardy ( 2017-06-03 )

Wonderful Cinema and Remarkable Talent.

In a nut shell you have to see this film. I am not calling it a short film because it's cinema in 14'46. Saw No Love Lost yesterday on ILoveshortfilms and it caught me off guard. Let me say from the get go, I am a filmmaker and wished it was me who had done this film. Shekhar Bassi directs, also writes with his brother, a nuanced and very visual film dealing with love, hate, race and identity. This all is done in under 15 minutes and it is done with flair, confidence and serious directing talent. Having seen it yesterday I sat back questioning my own story-telling style. I realized I would have been over the top, laboring certain story points, using heavy-handed dialogue or some shitty smart-ass dialogue and finishing the film off with a full on gut punch to satisfy what the audience wants. Shekhar Bassi does none of that and takes the audience on a journey. He subtly questions our preconceptions but doesn't judge his audience. I was surprised how my sympathies shifted and presumed so much and was wrong. It's a beautifully told story with a fresh style and execution. All the actors are on top form. The three central characters are portrayed by talented actors. You really get a sense of the director and editor being in sync and crafting a real cinematic piece. The cinematography is great. The camera is directed with style and there is grace yet tension in everything you see. I loved the use of a proper musical score which really works. Hats off from me to this very talented filmmaker and story-teller. Will be watching out for more from him. is a cinema website serving you dear visitors 7/24 to give information about all movies, now playing movies, show location of nearest theaters and sessions, trailers of upcoming movies and information about actors and actresses, their biographies, videos and photographs. is the only interactive website where visitors can interact with each other using Facebook, Twitter and Google. is a global website using highly advanced web technologies and is served in 7 different languages apart from English and can give the visitors same service from the countries where these languages are spoken. Cinematheater is differented from his rivals by giving you an archive of 500.000 movies and is one of the websites where you can instantly find information about now playing movies in theaters.

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