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Miss Sloane - SHOWTIMES (2016)

Miss Sloane

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In the world of political power-brokers, Sloane takes on the most powerful opponent of her career and will do whatever is required to win.

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Gail Logan ( 2017-03-14 )

Too biased to be enjoyed

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Crystal Schmidt ( 2017-03-08 )

Gun control disguised as a feature film

Good acting by the lead actor, but its so biased and one sided its hard to watch. Its almost like a afternoon special with the obvious villain in the NRA that any sane freethinking person has to be insulted by it. If the movie focused less on the politics of gun control, demonizing 60% of US citizens and and focus more on the characters and story line, it could have made for a good watch, regardless of political affiliation. Movies like this ruin actors careers and only drive people further away from the movie going hobby. I can hardly every get friends to come with me to the theaters anymore, its like pulling teeth. Hollywood should remember to entertain the other half of the country instead of pandering to leftists with Marxist propaganda. I don't think they will, and because of this, Hollywood will continue to atrophy and more and people will be turned off from the liberal ideology and pushed to the right.

Penny Mclaughlin ( 2017-01-19 )

Joseph Goebbels would be proud

It is too bad the film makers use a nonsensical myth to justify this movie, it gives away their bias.  Hillary often screeched this direct quote the last few months and years "that most citizens - and most members of the NRA - are in favor of stricter (and reasonable) background checks, but absolutely no progress has been made on this issue." ..

Tomas Cole ( 2017-01-07 )

More Liberal Gun phobia/gun grabber crap

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Jessie Figueroa ( 2017-01-18 )

Worst propaganda I have ever seen.

Surprise! Hoplophobic non-sense (*whispers* but we already knew that). An interesting observation is that Hollywood loves to glorify law- breaking gun violence in order to sell movies while simultaneously vowing to disarm law abiding citizens through propaganda pieces precisely like "Miss Sloane". Strange times we live in but I digress. Since Bloomberg and his minions can't buy politicians into office to push his agenda, he pays for a movie: Miss Sloane. Using movies to push a political agenda certainly isn't an unwise move on part of anti- gun elites (that are protected by armed guards) as it worked well for Goebbels, ironically, for similar reasons.

Sherri Gibbs ( 2017-01-22 )

Not as good as i hoped.

This is with out a doubt one of the worst movies to date with the possible exception of Battle beyond the Stars. It's just more Yada Yada about the phobia and propaganda being spread by some jerks that do not know what they are talking about. Waist of money and time. Go find a new topic you BHL's. We have spoken as demonstrated by the last elections. Your just serving to make activists out of folks like me. Making me angry does not call me to do harm but it does make me politically active now. To bad there are no Flash mobs to protest stuff like this. I'd go in a heartbeat. Time to join the NRA folks. The 2nd amendment protects all the others.

Lydia Walton ( 2017-01-28 )

A French Film Studio, with a first time British screen writer, makes a film about American Lobbying and gun control

This movie is nothing more than horrible anti constitutional rights propaganda. Hollywood is working with the anti American gun control groups. People wonder why the establishment is working against them. This movie tries to dupe you into surrendering your constitutional rights as an American citizens. This movies was made by two non- Americans who hate American values. Foreigners telling Americans what to do is unacceptable. Horrible performance by actors and actresses involved in this movie as well. Were the hosts/anchors of the The Young Turks, Michael Bloomberg, George Soros, and B. Hussien Obama among the writers and producers? Most pathetic movie I've ever seen. Roger Ebert would roll in his grave if he saw Miss Sloane. Miss Sloane should be nominated for Worst Picture at the Razzies. I'd give zero out of ten if I could.

Bobby Phelps ( 2017-03-30 )


I live in Norway, we have one of the strictest gun control-laws in the world, I am anti-gun and even I got some heavy propaganda-vibes from this movie. The movie picks ups hot topic but does not invite to debate, you get force-fed a certain viewpoint and it just falls flat. I had hoped for something much better but i was sorely disappointed, this could have been really good but you are forced to think the same way as the main character and that does not make the viewing pleasant. I would much more recommend that you watch a real debate on the topic where both views are presented by both sides, movies like this one will only get this ongoing debate stuck and we will never hear the end of it.

Julio Strickland ( 2017-04-04 )

Wanted to like it.....but WOW it was bad

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Meredith Klein ( 2017-01-25 )

"strong independent (TM) woman" battles the evils of the 2nd Amendment

Before we go any further, I am a veteran, a gun owner, with a minor in film and a theater background, and I keep an open mind when I watch movies. I actually saw the movie and I will keep politics aside but as you can tell from other reviews a lot of people are just down voting or up voting this movie based on politics. My score and critique are primarily focused on the screenwriter and director. These two factors I feel sunk the movie. This is the Jonathan Perera's first screenplay and while a valiant attempt he wrote something in one of the hardest genres, about a culture that isn't his, dealing with an issue he doesn't understand. And the director who I loved in The Best Marigold Hotel has many of the same issues, not understanding the American landscape. It is like Mel Gibson doing Braveheart, it isn't accurate at all however the difference is that Braveheart wasn't being shown to William Wallace. ..

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