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Lost in London - SHOWTIMES (2017)

Lost in London

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Comedy, Drama
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Within the course of a night, Woody Harrelson finds himself in a misadventure in London that winds him up in prison.

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Margarita Jefferson ( 2017-03-20 )

A crazy project flawlessly executed.

If you have any basic knowledge of film making, acting, lighting, sound engineering and broadcasting, after watching this film you might agree it was an incredible achievement given the limited budget and schedule and all the obstacles and circumstances in which it was put together. When judging all the elements in the film, but particularly acting, it is fair to consider the EXTREME emotional and physical endurance all the actors and crew needed in order to materialize this (crazy) project, specially Woody who also served as director and, as he later explained during the QA session at the end of the movie, couldn't stop thinking about all the details while the camera was rolling. Remember, this movie was broadcast LIVE in one camera shot with no opportunity for screwing up, with the constant threat of technical glitches in sound (150 microphones) and video streaming, bad timing of actors and scenes, falls (the cameraman was running up and down staircases and other obstacles) and even bad weather, given that in London it can rain at any time and great part of the movie was shot outdoors. If you factor all these elements in, then Woody's performance was Academy Award ( or Tony? or both? ) winner. So for this reason, I am giving this movie a solid 10. What Woody and the rest of the crew have achieved is short of impossible. The plot and dialogues were good and entertaining, not a deep and thoughtful story, just a fun and silly comedy based on Woody's mostly-true recount of an awkward night in London. If you didn't have the opportunity to watch it live and would like to watch it now, please do so with an open mind and remember, this was an experimental project with incredible odds of not going well at all, and yet somehow it did!.

Guy Wilson ( 2017-04-06 )

What an eventful night out!

What a great technical achievement this film was. One camera. One shot. Great sound (mostly). Fantastic theatrical performances throughout. Considering it was way past my bed time, I never once took my eyes off the screen, just watching in disbelief that this was all actually happening NOW in and about the London streets outside this cinema, in the very early hours of a cold Friday morning. There were some laugh out loud parts. Some rather black moments. And some cringe- worthy. But all good entertainment. Unless the cast hadn't pointed out a few problems in the Q&A afterwards I wouldn't have noticed them. As a live event it was spectacular. We'll just have to wait and see how it stands up as a film in its own right.

Shawn Mendez ( 2017-03-28 )

Incredible technological feat marked by great performances.

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Perry Morales ( 2017-05-25 )

unexpectedly great

It's weird to categorize this as just a film because this was a one-time event experience that took place and was broadcast into theaters live. I only knew of its existence because of Fathom Event advertisements before movie screenings with Woody Harrelson declaring this to be a story about one of the worst nights of his life. That limited engagement and experimental approach to filmmaking was part of the appeal and what ultimately drew me into the theater to see it. ..

Bryan Flores ( 2017-05-16 )

Astounding! First rate comedy!

Even after watching the Q and A for the film I still can't figure out why someone would have their directorial debut be the most challenging project I can imagine undertaking. Even without the single shot, live elements, the film is written and performed hilariously. I had more laugh out loud moments in the theater with this film than I can remember in recent history. After the film, the cast and crew presented a Q and A that really makes you feel like you are part of the process, which I guess we were. Willie Nelson was a surreal fantasy for both Woody and the audience. Owen Wilson was a great as usual and the self deprecating humor Woody Nelson threw in about his career as well as Wilsons, was lovingly harsh and very funny. There were some inconsistencies with the cultural and film references being post 2002 when the film supposedly takes place, but they didn't really place it in that time period until the end of the film so it wasn't distracting or obvious and didn't detract. It was fantastic as an experience and was a genuinely delightful film.

Audrey Nelson ( 2017-04-01 )

Perhaps with enough feathers you can fly.

If you can imagine BIRDMAN done as a CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM "bearing and rending of Ego"...you've got a good understanding of what to expect from LOST IN London. Absolutely amazing, and it's really hard to believe they pulled it off in a single take...LIVE. If I hadn't stayed for the Q'n'A afterwards, I'd still have my doubts...it was that impressive of a feat. It would be difficult to ruin the plot, as it's mostly an excuse to follow Woody through one entertaining night of fumbling...I really hope this will be available as a recorded purchase, so that I can revisit it, and have a closer look at the artistry of it. The acting is superb, the camera work is as good as anyone could do (and better than most!), and the cinematography was spot on. The biggest possible flaw a project like this may suffer from (as with any project, even) is a flinching, uninsightful, uninspired, and semi- conscious delving into the ego of the writer/director/actor. Harrelson avoids these pitfalls, and handles it like a master. From his acting over the course of his career, there's always been a hint of brilliance beneath...but it's always tough to tell in a truly great actor where the acting ends and real person begins. He handles this roll (admittedly one with which he should be very familiar and had lots of practice) with an honesty and depth of character that shows he's been through it and come out the other side wiser for it...unless it's all an act. Hard to tell, but a damn fine yarn, and funny as hell. I'm honored to have borne witness, and really hope to see it again, soon.

Leah Hayes ( 2017-04-19 )

Innovative, ballsy idea that still managed to be a bit dull.

This is a new and different type of film from what we Americans are used to. The acting was very good - I would not be surprised if some of the 'nobody' actors end up in larger Hollywood roles soon. From a technical perspective it was simply amazing... just one camera follows along on one shoot for 1.5+ hours with 25+ audio techs managing 150+ microphones and cast of 300+ plus people. I wish I had a friend like Owen. Willy Nelson's scene was the highlight for me musically as well as the vibe of that scene. There was other good music so I'd like to see the soundtrack overview. (I stayed afterwards with 12 people who paid $15 each for the after-film Q&A to learn additional details, some of which were worthwhile) If this is released in a non-live version I'd recommend this being offered with technical notes and an interview of Mrs Harrelson... Good job Woody but I would have liked to see you jump off any bridge in London given for reasons that I can't say without spoilers!

Jessie Figueroa ( 2017-03-24 )

Horribly depressing for what was marketed as a comedy

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

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