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When Robert Langdon wakes up in an Italian hospital with amnesia, he teams up with Dr. Sienna Brooks, and together they must race across Europe against the clock to foil a deadly global plot.

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Vickie Fields ( 2017-02-15 )

Production interference ruined ending

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Spencer Herrera ( 2017-03-09 )

Empty calories, mainly due to poor direction

What happened in the process of adapting the book to script, filming, cutting, editing? Did someone get knocked over on the head or did they just make a decision to kill their own film? In a nutshell: Know that brilliant, creative, controversial yet elegantly beautiful plot twist ending we all know and love from the books? Well, here's a cheesy happy ending. I can just imagine the producers (which happen to be Ron Howard and Brian Graze of Imagine) sitting in their little office going: Mmm.. that ending is crazy! We can't let that happen! What will the audience say? We can't make a STATEMENT like that! YOUR AUDIENCE (a large amount being book readers) are coming to be impressed, to see an interesting look at overpopulation and Dante's inferno and plague images! I mean, the fact of the matter is: Overpopulation is a problem and Dan Brown proposes an elegant solution in the form of a "plague" which PLOT TWIST: Doesn't actually kill anyone, but makes the 1/3 of the population (by random) become infertile. It solves the issue without being genocide. No one dies, yet the problem is solved. Elegant, brilliant, shocking, and opens up a conversation about a real life crisis we are facing. Interesting subject relevant to your audience. ..

Elena Wood ( 2017-01-10 )

Why would they change the ending? That was the best part of the book... WHY?

Imagine if Spielberg had directed 'Godfather' and Coppola had directed the Indiana Jones movies. Both great directors, but it wouldn't have worked. Same thing applies here. Like the first two in this franchise, 'Da Vinci Code' and 'Angels and Demons', there's just something terribly wrong with the direction. Yes, the Langdon movies are suppose to be fast paced, but if almost no scenes are allowed to breathe, does it matter? And why do director Ron Howard keep on insisting insulting my intelligence? Like in the first two, many things are explained twice, so even the dumbest one in the audience knows what's going on. Then there's the blatant mistake of shooting the movie in standard widescreen, instead of cinemascope, like the first two. When you make a movie with several visually looking fantastic locales around the world, it SCREAMS cinemascope. And the best park of the book? They completely changed it. Guess they wanted to avoid any controversy. Hans Zimmer's score was great, as usual, though. The first two Langdon-movies are hovering at 6,6 on IMDb. So will this when the dust settles. If the studio decides to make 'Lost Symbol' and - for once - have a Langdon movie getting great reviews, they should probably hire another director.

Oliver Freeman ( 2017-02-19 )

Disappointed with the changed ending

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Boyd Bryan ( 2017-01-29 )

A Wasted Opportunity

Dan Brown is one of my favorite writers, maybe Inferno was not his best book but it was still good enough. i've read it in 2 days , i know a lot of people that loved it. One of the best things about Inferno was the ending, and they decided to leave it out of the movie script... That was a big mistake, that's why i recommend everybody to give the book a chance even if u tried the movie... I gave the book 9 stars out of 10. I can only give the movie 4 stars out of 10. I'm sorry they changed the soul of the movie , they tried to make it more Hollywood and they made a big mistake... Thanks

Jonathon Watkins ( 2017-03-10 )

Messy, weak and lacking the serious impact of a serious crisis.

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Janet Chambers ( 2017-02-25 )

Don't watch if you read the book...

specially Created my first account to tell Sony what the hell they have done Ending was the biggest let down When you expect the movie to actually show virus being released as compared to the cliché plot of virus being contained in the last moment , it is disappointing and waste of money to be let down Irfan Khan was wasted while Felicity Jones was expressionless For Book lovers it would definitely be a letdown Emotion building was missing, and it was too fast paced that made it a let down.... If you are reading this avoid Inferno...

Julio Strickland ( 2017-02-27 )

Good but forgettable (reading the book vs not).

I enjoyed the Inferno film for the most part as I'm very fond of Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon. One of the main reasons that I like these books so much is because they provide such a wealth of background historical information so they're a prefect blend of education and entertainment. While it was obviously impractical to include an involved literary discussion of Dante's Inferno in the film, it's a shame that it was barely touched on at all as to me, it was one of the most interesting aspects of the entire story. Like many, I was also surprised and disappointed by the changed ending. The book's solution was challenging but elegant; the film…clunky and predictable. Pity.

Dixie Perez ( 2017-04-06 )

Discards so many details, The best part of the book was missing

So, Ron Howard, Tom Hanks and Hans Zimmer return for the third movie adaptation of Dan Brown's bestselling symbolist and iconology professional, Robert Langdon. Though we seem to be ironically missing, The Lost Symbol where Langdon tramples over Washington's Masonic history, which is currently in development but with Howard only sitting in a producers chair. ..

Mona Marsh ( 2017-02-17 )

Just give me another Da Vinci Code

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