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Hidden Figures - SHOWTIMES (2016)

Hidden Figures

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A team of African-American women provide NASA with important mathematical data needed to launch the program's first successful space missions.

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Lydia Walton ( 2017-03-31 )

Brave Film

If you want to know what racism feels like, then the director of this movie really let's you have it front and centre. Not in a violent way, but in the way that most people experience it in the little acts of day to day life. The frown, the social exclusion or lack of acknowledgement. The juxtaposition of a mega scientific journey to space with the serious problems on the surface of the planet is perfect. I remember the 60's, the speeches of Dr. Martin Luther King. There are many powerful scenes in this movie. I think back to Dion's song Abraham, Martin and John.

Wilbert Gilbert ( 2017-04-08 )

Excellent from Start to End. Great Cast

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Frankie Stokes ( 2017-01-22 )

Inspiring and Uplifting

1 January 2017: Happy New Year: Shana Tovah, Hag Sameh akh. ..

Brenda Padilla ( 2017-02-26 )

Very heavy handed with its message, yet lacks weight

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Jessie Figueroa ( 2017-03-29 )

Beautifully executed

Saw this on Christmas Day at a sold-out theater in Hollywood. This movie was a terrific crowd-pleaser. The audience laughed, shook their heads at times, and clapped when the protagonists stood up for themselves or someone else stood up for them. The main story concerns the small victories that the three leads have working at NASA as black females but its told within the context of the race to get a man in space, which is gripping and genuinely entertaining in its own right. There's humor, a little bit of romance, and feel- good moments that should speak to any person who's ever been overlooked or under-appreciated, especially within a massive organization. I have no idea how much of this is true and what has been padded for dramatic purposes. But, I don't agree with the naysayers who accuse this movie of re-writing history. Of the three leads, one's victory is getting a judge to let her attend a segregated school so she can get the classes she needs to be an engineer; another remains in the clerical pool for the most part but sees the value in learning FORTRAN to avoid redundancy and is finally promoted to supervisor and earns the right to be respected (shown by being addressed as Mrs. Vaughn and not by her first name); the main lead performs calculations that are critical to one aspect of a space flight. The ladies are shown as contributing to a broad, scientific endeavor, which in no way lessens the contributions of other players.

Carlos Massey ( 2017-02-10 )

A Feel Good Movie That's Interesting

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Daisy Chandler ( 2017-03-06 )

Simple after thought after watching the movie.

There is a subplot in the film where Katherine disappears for 40 minutes every day from her desk at NASA to use a bathroom in a different building, because in segregation-America, there are no facilities for her in her building. When this comes to light, her Boss finds that Katherine has also been forced to use a different coffee jug from her white colleagues. There is then a moment where he removes the label from Katherine's jug used to indicate her race and glares round at her ashamed coworkers. I thought 'at last - some subtlety and intelligence of dramatic touch. Everyone knows what he means removing the sticker and glaring at them - no more segregation in the building.' Unfortunately, the next scene, this same Boss smashes the segregationist sign off the women's toilets with a double-handed lump hammer. I feel this is an apt metaphor for how the film treats its message. ..

Sherry Peterson ( 2017-02-05 )

A Great Movie of Consequence

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Penny Mclaughlin ( 2017-03-03 )

Another story that needs to be told

Films based on historical events can be challenging. Many are just a collection of stories put together with no real narrative. Other times they attempt to cram as much information in as possible, regardless of its relevance. Hidden Figures is storytelling at its finest, as we're quickly and gracefully shown Katherine's brilliance at a young age, then seamlessly brought into the present, where we also meet Dorothy and Mary. The scene is so simple, yet clearly shows us that although these three women share in similar situations and struggles, they each have very unique personalities. Minor spoilers below: Hidden Figures deals not just with their work at NASA but also the challenges they face in their personal lives, both as friends and individually as wives and parents. One thing that struck me is that this is a film about triumph. Every story they told had a happily ever after. But that doesn't mean that it was without drama. The filmmakers were careful not to turn the film into a statement, something that could have easily been done, and instead just used the facts of the time to move the story forward. The tension felt because of racism and sexism was real. When a character was encouraged you joined the cheering squad. When they were discouraged we felt their dread, however fleeting. When shown how unfair life was at that time, we were uncomfortable. But most importantly, watching these women fight for their small victories, we realized that we all can accomplish our dreams. This movie is a story about real life heroes. The acting all around was amazing as well. You can tell there was a lot of passion in this movie. This is the type of movie you share with your kids, with your parents, with anyone who enjoys a movie that makes them feel hopeful and inspired. I usually don't like the feel good movies, but this is one that will be on repeat whenever I need it.

Audrey Nelson ( 2017-03-12 )

A film so concerned with being a political statement that it forgets to be a good film.

This movie has some flaws, but overall it is entertaining and informative. There are few stories more dramatic than those about the space program. Regardless of whether the focus is on astronauts or scientists, regardless of the fact we (at least I hope we) know how everything went, stories about the race to figure out how to put astronauts into space without killing them are inherently gripping. This movie takes a look behind the scenes as it focuses on black female mathematicians and computer scientists. It is thankfully light on personal drama and heavy on scenes of the workplace in which life or death calculations are made. The film shows the challenges of being black and female while being a scientist in the 1960s. Yet it is not an angry film and in fact paints a picture of a society in the throes of change. Because the women have skills, they are given important jobs, and ultimately the film shows the underlying belief in equality that is the hallmark of the US. What I didn't like about the film was some of the dialogue. Occasionally the characters say things that never would have been said in 1961 or for that matter in just about any workplace. It was as if the scriptwriters thought they needed to add some extra drama or overexplain some things, as if they were thinking that the audience would be stupid. That's Hollywood. Still, this is an important and interesting story, and it isn't ruined by a few scenes of unrealistic dialogue.

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