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A young African-American man visits his Caucasian girlfriend's mysterious family estate.

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Marshall Garza ( 2017-03-28 )

A deliciously wry slice of cinematic paranoia served with a side of cathartic humor

I was totally blown away by "Get Out". This is one of the best turns by an actor behind the camera I have ever seen (Jordan Peele). Probably the timely social commentary is going to loom heavily when discussing the film; however this shouldn't conceal the fact that this is a masterclass cinematic work that has been thought out to the very last detail; it knows what it wants to say and how to say it, balancing wildly contrasting tones and defeating potential clichés with stylistic bravura. Of course everything stems from a really solid script, where the plot points are cunningly engineered, and then fleshed out in a stern, disciplined and take no prisoners kind of way. There is much to admire and enjoy here, including some surreal imagery that is as stunning as it is disturbing, always serving a purpose within the narrative; there are also brilliant soundtrack choices and you get subtle nods at the masters that came before (Kubrick and Wes Craven, specially). The plot involves one of those frequently visited "fish out of the water" type of settings where it's up to the director to make the most out of it. Which fortunately is the case here, since you get plenty of real character development and a tight, innuendo ridden dialogue that really gets under your skin. All this, together with the inspired camera work, contributes to the success of this tricky enterprise as a whole. Kudos to all the actors for going all the way with the provocative premise, considering that it could have totally backfired in less confident hands. Everything amounts to a deliciously wry slice of cinematic paranoia served with a side of cathartic humor that appropriately reflects the political times we are living in. And make no mistake, this is a true horror film that refuses to pull any punches; if you thought that Peele was just going for the laughs and the cheap scares you will get more than you bargained for. "Get out" will shock you silly and ..

Vickie Fields ( 2017-05-02 )

Get Out is impressive and awesome. Best horror I've seen in a while!

People will be talking about this one for a long time. Get Out is an extremely powerful, poignant horror movie with some humor. Whatever elements of action or schlock that are present take a backseat to the real human drama that plays out when Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) meets his white girlfriend's eccentric family. The characters are fleshed out immaculately, with Bradley Whitford and Catherine Keener in their best performances to date, and Caleb Landry Jones in an appropriately, intensely creepy role. But Kaluuya is the star here, and he delivers with zeal a shocking depth and range of emotions. In fact, more often than not its what he doesn't say that delivers the most impact... which is all to say that this masterpiece could not have been accomplished without the masterful direction of Jordan Peele. Peele builds atmosphere and tension like the Big Bang, dunking you into the mind of the main character while he navigates through very visceral danger. If you're looking for a film that sets out to entertain first and foremost with shock and terror, but also with poignant social commentary and real philosophical meat to chew on, Get Out is the movie you need to see. You won't regret it. This isn't Cabin in the Woods, Peele isn't interested in subverting genre conventions. What he has crafted is entirely original and unique, and thankfully free of clichés or stereotypes. There are no "monsters" here. The real villains are entitlement, egotism, and objectification, and g.d. they are scary!

Meredith Klein ( 2017-06-13 )

Cleverly written with an eerie twist

This movie is appropriately in a genre Mr. Jordan Peele has christened, "Social Thriller". The movie creates a very unsettling feeling from the beginning that slowly builds to a crescendo, that forces the viewer to see prejudices head on. When all is said and done, you now have kind of a bird's eye view of what is wrong with society. But besides that, it hints a Hitchcock-type of thrill that is sure to deliver Goosebumps. A HUGE congratulations to Jordan Peele for hitting a HOME RUN, his first time up to bat. Looking forward to future projects from him. GO SEE, GET OUT. 😀😀

Jordan Alvarado ( 2017-06-01 )

The epitome of the American horror film

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Margarita Jefferson ( 2017-03-13 )

A surprisingly subtle and effective horror film for our times

Jordan Peele's Get Out is an outstanding work of horror cinema, in that the American horror film is the best genre for creatively commentating on the various social, economic, and psychological constructs of life in such a way that can be visually thought-provoking. And the best part about this film is Peele does not pull out any of the usual horror tropes or clichés until the showdown. Before you begin to think that Universal Pictures and Blumhouse are pulling a bait-n-switch–selling you a psychological thriller when the film is really a heavy drama–think again. Get Out is every bit a horror film as its more traditional counterparts. In terms of its contribution to the library of horror films, the movie is flawless. From the writing to directing to acting and even the score, editing, and cinematography, Get Out is a film that you should definitely "get out" to watch. With a current 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, this film is certain to grab prolific attention from movie patrons, film studies, and social studies professors alike. It's a brilliant film to discuss in future American horror film classes. Never before has a film been used in such a creative and visceral way to comment on how one culture appropriates the best of another for purposes of exploitation or simply because it has something that you want, and then attempt to change, assimilate, or remove altogether because that which you want is seen as wasted on the originator. "A mind is a terrible thing to waste." ..

Homer Mcgee ( 2017-03-12 )

A significant achievement in filmmaking!!!r

Producer Jason Blum is the new Roger Corman: he's making a fortune producing smart low budget genre films that make a ton of money at the box office. Since his costs are low, he can afford to take chances on riskier edgy fare that studios wouldn't touch, and on relatively unproven talent. ..

Belinda Howard ( 2017-06-13 )

White people Bad, Black people Amazing!

"Get Out" is significant in that it simply give the audience a different perspective in the Horror Genre. We have NEVER been given a hero of color in horror; "The Black guy always gets killed"; Night of the Living Dead (1968) could have been the first but they blew it. Duane Jones' character should have lived!!! ...but I digress. We FINALLY have a the black guy as the protagonist thanks solely to Jordan Peele of, the dynamic Key and Peele fame. Peele has made the horror film he always wanted to see. Given the box office results as so far and Rotten Tomatoes', rare 100% fresh rating, this is the horror film that many of us wanted to see!!! It is a very straight forward story about a black male in an interracial relationship that is about to meet his girlfriend's parents...everything else after this point is horror film GOLD!!! No need to spoil anything here, this film is fun and entertaining to say the least. The social commentary is not to preachy but just enough to feel true. Go see it and have fun with it. Thank you Jordan Peele!!

Belinda Howard ( 2017-04-04 )

Don't Support this Film

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Vickie Fields ( 2017-04-12 )

Its a good movie, don't overthink it, just watch it

I've worked for countless white employers over the years. Never once have they tried to hypnotize me into doing yard work. I left this film in shock, perhaps that was the point. Every single white person in "Get Out" is an evil racist monster conspiring to enslave Black folks in order to steal their "Coolness". I am dead serious. This film was nothing more than a quick cash grab on Peele's part to capitalize on the headlines, and it worked. No critic would dare point out the ridiculous premise for fear of being called Racist. Get ready for another dozen copycat films to cash in on the bandwagon over the coming years. Sadly, this film does nothing to fix the problem of racism. instead, it felt like some money grubbing racist lighting a fuse and running to the bank to collect. Peeled was successful. His experiment paid off as this garbage made a killing in the first week, including my $15 bucks. That being said, the acting is okay. The filmmaking is also okay as a whole. But the film is so predictable and boring! It felt like a 90 minute sexual harassment video they make you watch when starting a new job. It is constantly hitting you over the head with anti-white racism. So apparently a community of affluent white folks have conspired to kidnap and kill Black folks so they can steal their athletic abilities and coolness. That's the plot. I wonder if Michael Phelps considered this before he won the most Olympic Medals than any other human alive? The one dimensional evil white folk almost come across as satire, almost. It feels far more like a racist rant than a satire film. Okay, I get it! Some white folks are racist monsters, but in my experience most whites go out of their way to avoid that label these days. Perhaps Get Out could have had a layer of depth if they also explored the overwhelming racism from the Black community towards whites? That isn't allowed though. This film will undoubtedly set the Black White relations ..

Penny Mclaughlin ( 2017-03-23 )

A smart satire on social commentary with genuine humor

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