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Ethel & Ernest - SHOWTIMES (2016)

Ethel & Ernest

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This hand drawn animated film, based on the award winning graphic novel by Raymond Briggs, is an intimate and affectionate depiction of the life and times of his parents, two ordinary Londoners living through extraordinary events.

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Ethel & Ernest - Twitter Comments

Ethel & Ernest - Twitter Comments

  • Ethel & Ernest - Twitter Comments
    Nick Ferguson @NickWales77

    @leywalker12 Yes i watched an animated Movie called Ethel & amp; Ernest , he wrote this track f OR it, good Movie and macca still has it indeed!

    • 6:33pm
    • Jan 03, 2017

  • Ethel & Ernest - Twitter Comments
    Melissa Conneely @MelissaConneely

    Ethel and Ernest is an absolutely gorgeous film! Glad I have a new Movie to watch every year

    • 3:34pm
    • Jan 02, 2017

  • Ethel & Ernest - Twitter Comments
    Carl Stevens @ILikeLego

    Ethel and Ernest Movie adaptation, beautiful, simple and moving. Recommended f OR all.

    • 4:51pm
    • Dec 31, 2016

  • Ethel & Ernest - Twitter Comments
    Leo Loikkanen @limbclock

    @fotofill DID YOU NOT SEE Ethel AND Ernest !? OH DUDE! It's the BEST LOOKING, HAND-DRAWN Animated Movie about Raymond Briggs' parents!

    • 8:22am
    • Dec 30, 2016

  • Ethel & Ernest - Twitter Comments
    Nicola @dweeb4lyfe

    Just watched the Movie version of Raymond Briggs ' Ethel and Ernest ' and it's safe to say I'm sobbing 💔

    • 9:05pm
    • Dec 28, 2016

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Howard Copeland ( 2017-02-03 )

Lovely adaptation

In a year where the Christmas TV schedules have been packed with 'specials' that weren't special at all it's very refreshing (and a nice change) to have something as lovely as 'Ethel and Ernest' on to watch. Beautifully animated, it brings to life Raymond Briggs' graphic novel of the same name. Capturing the life of his parents this charts their struggles, their highs/lows against the changing face of Britain. The book covers some tough issues, and I was pleased to see that the film did not shy away from these either, but doing so in a dignified and poetic way. Parents thinking this is going to be like 'The Snowman', another adaptation of Briggs' work should be warned though, this isn't always child friendly due to the content. Well done to all those involved in the making of this film.

Darryl Roy ( 2017-01-29 )

A great film.I will be adding this to my Blu-ray collection

Having watched all Raymond Briggs films i was very surprised to find that another one was made and luckily i just managed to watch it as i did not know it was being aired within the Christmas period 2016. I have enjoyed Snowman, The Father Christmas, When the Wind blows and more and watched when i was a child.I now watch these same films with my children. If you have watched the films before this then you know it'll be an excellent film. This film like the others offers humour,great characters and just overall great enjoyment. I might have to say that this film is now my overall favourite out of the Briggs films. It has humour,cosy English culture but also a sad realism.Based in the era of my grand parents it was nice to see how they were back then living a similar life.As based on true events it was a sad film but very interesting as it was factual. Overall i loved it,my partner and kids loved it.Its a great film for all ages and new and old fans of Raymond Briggs.Ill definitely be getting this on Blu ray.

Maria Sparks ( 2017-03-31 )

A sublime and moving ode to ordinary people's lives

What a wonderful thing Raymond Briggs has done. This magnificent, sensitive and funny animated film about the lives of his parents Ethel and Ernest is a triumph. It surpasses even his famous THE SNOWMAN (1982) and, I daresay, is what he will truly be remembered for. In this age in which we live at present, when the ordinary people are rising up in revolt against their snotty and arrogant politicians, in what the elites patronisingly call 'populism' (and what is wrong with the populus, then, that it should become a term of derision?), we have here the perfect paean to real life, to real people, to real hopes and to real dreams. With his subtle and loving humour, which pervades the entire film, Briggs brings to life his parents in the most intimate possible manner. He allows us to chuckle at their foibles, without ever once looking down upon their numerous limitations. The story starts in 1928 when his parents meet. Ethel is a lady's maid who waves at the jolly young man who rides past her window every day. Before long, he turns up with flowers and asks her to go to 'the pictures' with him. And soon enough they are married. But time goes by and they do not seem able to have a baby, and Ethel cries and says she is getting too old. But Fate intervenes, and Raymond is born, though the doctor warns Ernest they must not have any more, as 'it was hit and miss' and 'more children means no wife'. So they settle for the one child. We are taken through the whole of the period between 1928 and 1971 as seen through the eyes of Ethel and Ernest. Ernest reads the paper every day eagerly, and is always saying things like: 'Crikey! Hitler's just invaded Russia!' and reacting to world events in the kitchen. Ethel pays little attention and does not much grasp the significance of things. For instance, when told that the Duke and Duchess of Windsor are going to meet with Hitler, her reaction is 'He can't be too bad ..

Nancy Warren ( 2017-01-14 )


I've just got around to watching this today. As a 50-year-old I could relate to so much of it and relate it to my grandparents and uncles and aunties who were around during this time. Frankly, I found the film utterly heartbreaking. I must have had tears in my eyes pretty solidly for the last 30 minutes of it. It was quite overwhelming in places especially when Raymond views a body in the morgue which was very reminiscent of something that happened to me recently. I was going to write that it was a perfect slice of life but that is not big enough as it really does pretty much cover two entire lives. My boys who are under ten it has to be said were not gripped by it and did fade in and out of watching it but for adults, I can't recommend it highly enough.

Guy Wilson ( 2017-03-06 )

Good, but not great

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Belinda Howard ( 2017-02-19 )

A sublime revelation in every way

ETHEL & ERNEST is the latest screen adaptation of a Raymond Briggs graphic novel, following on from the age-old classics like THE SNOWMAN and FATHER Christmas. While this outing can't hold a candle to the best of the Briggs productions, it's well worth a look for fans of the author. The interesting thing about ETHEL & ERNEST is that it's a true story, an autobiographical account of the lives of Briggs's parents in the middle part of the 20th century. The story is kept deliberately small scale and charts everyday life in a realistic way. I liked the way that it's deliberately set in a single house for the most part, but in this house we witness the great events of the 20th century play out, mostly thanks to the newspapers and wireless. The characters of the married couple are kept very realistic and down to earth, and I suppose that's what counts. I didn't care for the casting of Broadbent or Blethyn in the roles: these are two overexposed actors whose voices are so recognisable that they spoil the effect; unknown voice actors would have been much better. The animation of the characters is also very modern, although the backgrounds are excellently detailed.

Sherri Gibbs ( 2017-02-11 )

A tribute to his parents

Having grown up, and loving to bits (still do), the stories and animations of 'Father Christmas', 'The Bear' and particularly 'The Snowman' and similarly being blown away by 'When the Wind Blows' (another seemingly personal work and I couldn't help being reminded by that when viewing 'Ethel & Ernest'), 'Ethel & Ernest' is yet another Raymond Briggs masterwork. ..

Belinda Howard ( 2017-01-28 )

Utterly Charming

Ethel & Ernest is a tribute by author Raymond Briggs to his working class parents. Both meet in 1928, Ethel who is older, is a maid to a wealthy family. Ernest, a milkman who is 5 years her junior waves at her every day and then one day brings her flowers and asks her out. Ernest is a Labour supporter, Ethel believe that the toffs are born to rule and is a Conservative. They get married and Ernest saves enough money to put down a deposit for a house and get a mortgage. Eventually little Raymond arrives but they could not have anymore children. When war breaks out Raymond is sent to the country where he would be away from the bombing raids. After the war, Ernest cheers on the creation of the welfare state but ongoing rationing places a strain. As Raymond gets older, he does his bit in National Service and later goes to art school and insists on having long hair. The film becomes more episodic as we go through the swinging sixties and eventually to their old age. Ernest, ever the optimist, although it dawns on him that as a manual worker, he was always relatively low paid (he finds out that Raymond could earn just as much as him by working one day in art school) but he did manage to buy a house in London and eventually purchased a car. A charming animated film of two people in love and coping with events but also a social history of the twentieth century. Lovely voice work from Brenda Blethyn and Jim Broadbent.

Marshall Garza ( 2017-04-08 )

Bitter sweet

I had, of course, read the reviews of this film before unintentionally falling upon it by chance on Christmas television. I have long lamented the lack of charm in most of the recent Disney films, for example, indeed the absence of charm in today's society in general, but it is present in this film in abundance. Not only is this film visually captivating but I was frequently moved to tears by the unexpected pathos of this story, which is a microcosm of the experiences of that most extra-ordinary generation who fought and survived the Second World War and who's members, through age and slow disease, are now virtually all departed from this world. This film is sincere, amusing and observant, and like the Snowman, however different in style, will endure forever.

Tyler Parsons ( 2017-01-15 )

Milkman's Guide to the Universe - (20th Century, Wimbledon)

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