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A committed police officer is on a very dangerous mission to destroy the most corrupt person in the country, Siddharth Abhimanyu.

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Stephen Fitzgerald ( 2017-04-28 )

Two Men Show

Dhruva is a milestone for Ram Charan. Performance wise Ram Charan gave his Best in this movie. Although, it is a remake this film gave a very good respect to the original movie never changed anything but while watching this movie you'll never get bored. Especially Aravaind swami gave a magic performances in many scenes. Other actors like Rakul Preet, Navdeep and Posani has done their part. Another asset for this movie is music.It was composed by Hiphop Tamizha, tunes are very good with gripping Background. Everything in this movie was perfect costumes of every actor represents their character cinematography looks very rich Finally Dhruva is a two men show

Gloria Brock ( 2017-05-06 )

Must watch movie for everyone

The movie starts with slow pace for 15 minutes then tracks to racy. Every minute of this movie is worth watching.This is Ram Charan's best in his career. Acting wise Charan had done justice to it he is improving film by film. Rakul Preet cute and hot as ever. Aravind Swamy is superb. Navdeep had nailed his character. Direction of Surender Reddy is superb his demands really worked out. Cinematography is awesome. Songs were uniquely awesome, Pareshanura song is my favorite, Neethoney Dance song Charan dance moves pretty cool really enjoyed. Overall movie is pure Blockbuster. Yes its best movie of Tollywood this year. A perfect end and more importantly its better than original Thani Oruvan.

Gail Logan ( 2017-06-18 )

Dhruva is an unique and intelligent tale where hero and villain don't want to kill each other

Siddharth Abhimanyu (who grows up to be Arvind Swamy) who goes to jail for a crime he didn't commit, so that his father (Posani) could get an MLA ticket in return. Cut to the present when Dhruva (Ram Charan) an IPS trainee, is introduced as a do-good-er despite bending a few rules with his friends to solve petty crimes. Dhruva lives by the philosophy that "your enemy decides your capacity" and he aims to choose an enemy who has the power to control "a 100 criminals".Siddharth Abhimanyu (Arvind Swamy) is an young and top scientist in India who has a criminal network which he operates clandestinely. Dhruva who is looking for a bigger target stumbles upon the secret criminal activities of Siddharth. Rest of the story is all about how they outsmart each other before Dhruva winning the duel.Ram Charan is perfect for the role of a tough and an intelligent cop. His physical transformation (6-pack and hair-cup) suited the character excellently. His styling is great. His performance in a couple of scenes (proposal scene to heroine and death scene of a friend) is first-rate. Arvind Swamy proves that audiences can also fall in love with a villain while rooting for the hero. The writer has redefined the role of a villain with such a good looking, intelligent yet evil character and Arvind Swamy entices you with his terrific performance. Rakul Preet Singh brings glamour and love to this otherwise intense drama. Navdeep and Randhir are good as few of Dhruva's buddies. The character of Posani Krishna Murali provides a bit of comic relief (though didn't yield the desired results fully). Sayaji Shinde and Madhu Singampalli (Chakravakam fame) are good as baddies.

Guy Wilson ( 2017-03-22 )

A Solid Hit

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Lydia Walton ( 2017-04-14 )

#Dhruva 1st day review from California

Directed by Surender Reddy (Suri), 'Dhruva' stars Ram Charan, Arvind Swamy and Rakul Preet in the lead roles. A guy named Dhruva, highly motivated since childhood to know what's the actual reason behind various crimes happening in his country eventually develops a knack to read between lines and becomes vigorous investigator and also a focused IPS officer. Soon after his posting, he faces a worthy challenge in the form of Arvind Swamy who is the epitome of criminals in India. How Dhruva deals with Arvind is for us to see. To put it even simpler, Dhruva is an official remake of 2015 cult hit 'Thani Oruvan'. And frankly speaking, this one is at par with the original with some note worthy improvisations. The first half feels a very little dragged in the start and races away to the interval once the villain is introduced. The drag comes due to the "Now let's drool over RCT's body" kinda intro song which wasn't actually necessary, but you know, it's TFI! Anyways, the post interval gets yet another commercial break with Rakul sizzling away in 'Pareshaanura' and how! An eye feast you see. Later the pace builds up and the game between Ram and Arvind gets more and more intriguing and ends up on a beautiful note. Kudos to Suri for his excellent improvisation in the climax with his '8' concept and also a few tweaks here and there. Rest of the story and screenplay he kept intact with the original, which seemed to serve the purpose. The dialogues were pretty good written by Mohan Raja. One of the greatest assets to the film is the cinematography by P S Vinod. The OST by Hip-hop Tamizha is also real good, no wonder they'd make real good ringtones. Coming to the performances, Rakul was really good with her dialogue delivery and was really gorgeous too. Arvind Swamy was the best of the lot. He was so good as the evil charactered Siddharth Abhimanyu, impeccable. But RCT was competitive too. There is ..

Helen Henderson ( 2017-05-10 )

Must watch....don't miss

#Dhruva Starts off like a regular movie but hang on.. there's an engaging screenplay ahead. No wonder this was a hit movie in Tamil.. richly shot scenes can make the Telugu version a bigger hit. Ramcharan showcased emotions in some scenes will sure be facepalm for many. Probably his best action in some time. His physical efforts are visible in the movie. When you have such a handsome antagonist(Aravind Swamy), cant ask for a better visual treat. You want to be on his side, but only at the end.(why? Watch movie). BGM is haunting and there are just a few songs and they appear distractive, such tight is the screenplay. Well..they will help you slide back into your seats from the edges. Haven't watched the Tamil version but guess SurenderReddy has honestly made this remake a worth watch. Especially the last 30mins is a treat. Go watch this last hit movie of 2016!!

Leah Hayes ( 2017-05-05 )

Intellectual brilliance in script and a feast to all viewers.

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Maria Sparks ( 2017-05-14 )

A man can able to "LOCK" his opponent only, but a POLICEMAN can even "UNLOCK" his opponent.

i saw this movie yesterday awesome performance Ram Charan & Aravind Swamy he is performed his ultimate acting skills and Director Surender Reddy success to making without missing original soul,Hero and villain played mind game is main asset in this film.Dhruva team in Navadeep character is turning point in this film he is execute that character only.Director Surender Reddy once again stylish making another asset. Rakul Preet Singh acting and Glamour another plus point she is looking Georges Pareshanu Ra song.music director Hipp Hop Tamiza background work is good.Production values is good and other cast and crew all are good performance.Finally this is a good film..don't miss this film...... My rating is 10/10

Madeline Hardy ( 2017-04-11 )

,Dhruva gives ultimate experience to those who didn't watch its original and to those who watched original can watch it again because of its masterpiece screenplay.

I did not watch Thani Oruvan before Dhruva. So mine is an open review! I give my review only to movies I really loved watching. I don't want to waste time to show hatred. Talking about Dhruva, this movie had impressed me so much that nothing comes close to this in 2016. The script was excellent and far better than any routine stupid drama movies we see these days. Technical brilliance must be appreciated. Even though its a remake, the director and actors took it as a challenge and made it a visual feast to the audience. If you didn't know the script before-hand, then the tension that was carried out will make you enjoy the thrill you face. So I recommend the people who have not seen Tamil version to go to this movie and you will experience great joy. Even if you have seen Tamil version, this movie is so good to watch & shows its technical superiority. What's for the cine goers(physical & technical aspects): Ram Charan- Excellent physique(he really worked out), Great acting(better than his previous films), looked extremely stylish Rakul Preet- Ravishing body(exclusively hot in songs)& good acting(the mirror scene-audience really enjoyed the love expression) Director Surrender Reddy- Improved his directional style. I liked Racegurram but this one was even better in terms of screenplay & cinematography. Aravind Swamy- Incredible and he looked scary with decent looks. Great acting as well. Others- Navdeep did a great job and other artists did very well in their roles. What not to expect: Not a lot of comedy but there are few jokes and the thrill you face makes you forget about the comedy. So don't worry about it. Overall: The best movie of this year in Telugu! Go for it. Demonetization had shown some its effect on the collection otherwise it would have already broken many records considering the strength that the movie has!

Clinton Lewis ( 2017-05-20 )


Dhruva is a complete "Ram Charan" game and of course, he won the game as well by his performance and attitude in this role (Perfectly suited). The story is really excited me to watch continuously without pause in my movements. Here, this credit goes to director "Surendhar Reddy". We must talk about the story writer "Mohan Raja" because he wrote the story in such a way that how the combination of business and political people can destroy the society if they choose the wrong way to benefit themselves only. I always believe in the background music will drive the advantage to the story, and it's done here. Hats off to Music director "Hiphop Tamizha". If you want to recognize your strengths you should compete with the person who is stronger than you, here this stronger one is none other than "Arvind Swamy". One of the messages which I liked more in this film is that the selection of "TARGET" before joining into the actual job, this drives me again to make sure about the target before, it means always we should do ground/basic work for any kind of work which we aim to do. Moral of the film: In my view, anyone who may be very intellectual in his/her profession, but if he/she chooses an incorrect way to reach his/her goals will not able to end up with a right flat form at all. Bottom-line of the film: A man can able to "LOCK" his opponent only, but a POLICEMAN can even "UNLOCK" his opponent.

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