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Bitter Harvest

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Set in 1930s Ukraine, as Stalin advances the ambitions of communists in the Kremlin, young artist Yuri battles to save his lover Natalka from the Holodomor, the death-by-starvation program that ultimately killed millions of Ukrainians.

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Frankie Stokes ( 2017-05-21 )

Bitter Harvest Worth seeing

Bitter Harvest is the story of the Holodomor told through the eyes of one family of peasant farmers. I find that most "critics" are so full of themselves and talk about esoteric crap that 99% of most movie goers to could care less about that render such 'professional" reviews all but worthless. The story is not about the Holodomor in its totality as the massive act of genocide of the Ukrainian people but rather, it is the love story about a young man in love with a girl from his village and the destruction of their lives as a result of the Holodomor. In this regard the movie does a fantastic job telling us the story of their lives and the horrific struggles that ensue to just survive. The only minor criticism I have is the romantic leads (Max Irons( Yuri ) and Samantha Barks (Natalka)) lack any real on screen chemistry which makes their romantic scenes seem mildly contrived. The movie does a good job of showing some of the horror perpetrated by Stalin's ruthless starvation of the Ukrainian people. It does not delve deeply into the Holodomor but rather tells the account though the eyes of Yuri and Natalka. I found the moving to be very moving.

Leona Wallace ( 2017-06-07 )

Great Movie

It is refreshing to see a historical movie about a genocidal event that gets overlooked because it occurred just six years before World War 2 and the Holocaust. Personally, the movie did a good job at introducing and exposing the audience to the Ukraine famine of 1933 and what these people had to endure at the time. The movie has its flaws obviously but does a good job introducing an event for the 1st time in the movies.

Jeffery Palmer ( 2017-05-29 )

About Time

There ought to be more movies/documentaries about this horrific event in Ukrainian history. The spirit of the people was not destroyed and the traditions, language, heritage, spirit of Ukrainians is alive today. Wish this movie was given a wider audience as the facts are a reminder how much a nation has suffered and lost and continues to fight back against Russia. The director did a wonderful job. A must see.

Howard Copeland ( 2017-04-18 )

It is very hard movie

It is very hard movie, which сaptured me and did not release me during watching it and even after. Probably some details (vehicles, suits, etc.) were not authentic, but the general idea - peoples' freedom and communists' desire to brake it was showed. I just expect from the director to make next story but with more happy end.

Jeffery Palmer ( 2017-05-24 )

Excellent and Informative - A Must See!

Bitter Harvest Written February 26, 2017 Excellent snapshot into Ukrainian Genocide, pre WWII, which killed 7 to 10 million Ukrainians. Authentic music, landscape, dress, and culture. Beautiful cinematography. An excellent introduction to this horrific period in Stalin's Russia based on this recently acknowledged true event. Timely production in light of Ukraine's continuing struggle with Russia for freedom today. Highly recommended!

Audrey Nelson ( 2017-06-02 )

To understand the present, need to know the past

The Holodomor in Ukraine, the genocidal famine planned by Stalin and his commissars that killed millions in 1932-33, was a Soviet policy of forced starvation and is a cruel little known period in the history of the 20th century. Maybe it was too optimistic to try and cover the fall of the Russian czar, WW1, the Bolshevik/Russian revolution, the death of Lenin and the rise of Stalin and the genocidal famine in Ukraine, in 100 minutes. And then make all the horror of that period less terrible with a hopeful love story. Too much horrible history in too little time. However, someone had to try so kudos to the director for that effort. That period of history was deeply cruel and it's hard to imagine how else to make the story palatable. Visually, the movie is terrific. The brutality in some scenes, although no doubt historically accurate, is tough to watch. I thought the local commissar was very effective in his cruelty, and in comparison, the Stalin figure almost seemed like a lightweight. A number of the professional critic reviews sound downright snarky. This isn't an easy move to watch or an easy story to tell. And while there is plenty of room for suggestions of how to improve, it is not a movie of no value as some wrote. The accusations of exaggeration and melodrama are actually bizarre. I think the famine and the horrors of communism, which my parents and grandparents lived through, were no doubt much worse than depicted here.

Bryan Flores ( 2017-06-12 )

First step into unknown

How many movies about 2-nd World War and it's horrors we watched? How good we know the topic and thus made it popular for Movie-studios? ..

Perry Morales ( 2017-06-18 )

Heavy handed direction kills it

1930's Ukraine. Genocide through starvation. It was never going to be a pleasant story. It's tough to make a film out of something so one sided and something so horrific. And at times its difficult to sit through. Yes it's violent but we don't see a lot of it up close. It's not gratuitous. It's already dire enough. Yet there's plenty to be depressed about. The story itself is quite good. Following the journey of one character so we get an overview of what happened in varying parts of Ukraine during this time. And yet it's a stretch. Certain scenarios are just asking us to suspend belief a little too far. Our central figures should have been killed several times over. Knowing this is set within real events (though not of these characters) keeps us involved. But only just. The problem is with the director. The early scenes are so over-lit it makes you feel like you're watching a Disney TV play. The clichés come thick and fast through the staging and unfortunately some of the dialog too. The direction is heavy handed, falling back on triteness such as blood dripping from a sword stuck in the ground and other lame symbolism. It's all a bit overblown. The cinematography, the music. They wanted to make a real epic here but even at 100 minutes, it feels overlong and over-baked. It's horrific to be certain and I wanted to care more but the central story just doesn't grab us the way it should. Terence Stamp adds an element of acting class. Shame that it can't be said for the rest of the cast. For example, Stalin is a caricature. Hours after seeing it, I'm already beginning to forget it. And that's not a bad thing. An event this huge deserves so much more.

Boyd Bryan ( 2017-04-09 )

Good film, great effort.

Feel the same way about this movie as I felt about Nate Parker's Birth of a Nation which came out last year. ..

Lindsay Buchanan ( 2017-05-25 )

I wanted to like it

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