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Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk - SHOWTIMES (2016)

Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk

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19-year-old Billy Lynn is brought home for a victory tour after a harrowing Iraq battle. Through flashbacks the film shows what really happened to his squad - contrasting the realities of war with America's perceptions.

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Roosevelt Ward ( 2017-04-03 )

This movie is far more than anti-war.

Many people said it is an anti-war movie,I don't think so. This movie is far more than anti-war.Because it is not a rich story ,but a rich truth and an emotion. It doesn't want to give you an opinion about what war is, but show you an emotion about a young man and a war. A so-called hero came back from Iraq, how is his life? In the real world, the truth and emotion are complicated. So it is hard to say what its theme is. Maybe the theme is to doubt our fake society Maybe the theme is to show the hero's confused life. However, they are parts of this movie. It is more like a section of Billy's life. He has family,battle companion, stranger and girlfriends. Sometimes he is distracted at his important moment,sometims all in front of him remind him of war. He sees and thinks.He might find that life is difficult to choose,finally he go back to the place where he belongs. If you can feel you are Billy Lynn, you can feel how ridiculous this society is.Nobody understands you,people see what they want to see.the sad thing is, you can change nothing but follow the direction of fate. If you don't have sensory substitution,this movie is boring. From the beginning of Billy's halftime show, I can't help crying. I even can't detail the reasons of my tears. The emotion is so strong, so complicate and so advanced. I feel so sad about Billy's life. I think it is a good movie, not very fun, but revolutionary.

Crystal Schmidt ( 2017-01-09 )

Emotional and Moving

I just watched this film as part of the New York Film Festival early screening and it's a film that will be stuck in my mind for awhile, it's a deeply emotional and moving film with great acting (particularly newcomer, Joe Alwyn), cinematography and an original score. The ending was strong and had me choked up, the movie is based on a satirical novel so there is definitely some humor in it so it's not a totally depressing film but definitely a thought-provoking one, this was the film I was anticipating the most out of the 2016 releases then upon reading some underwhelming reviews from the opening night my expectations went down a little but I think it will be go down as one of the best films of the year, it's images and its anti-war message in my opinion were powerful and the film should inspire a lot conversation about what it means to "support the troops" and how we can help those returning who are suffering from PTSD, overall I give it 8 out of 10 stars, I hope people go out and see this in the theater and talk about it afterwards.

Claudia Salazar ( 2017-02-04 )

Effective and insightful anti war movie

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Darryl Roy ( 2017-01-21 )

feel what Billy feels and see what Billy sees

This is a very effective anti war movie. And it achieves a lot with a pretty low body count. It looks at a young soldier who after performing a heroic action caught on camera is involved in a promotional tour. It's subtle but completely clear in it's message. Through flashbacks there are many effective contrasts here between what went on in Iraq in attacks and the public relations football match slash Destiny's Child concert. Also showing the troops rounding up men in their home with their families watching. It is very insightful how he was about to give up the soldier life for this cheerleader he hooked up with only to find she only was interested in him as a hero. Another great realism shown is how the slimy developer magnate played by Steve Martin wants to short change them for rights to a film about the soldiers. Liked how they are so unappreciated by the guys back home who try to pick fights with them The most touching parts are with his sister played by Kristen Stewart who is the only one who really cares for him and tries to do something about it. There is no sentimentality wasted in the movie so their final scene is more meaningful for that. Kristen acts convincingly as the injured sister. Subtle and thoroughly convincing. Joe Alwyn as the title character is a good choice. He isn't too good looking so it's realistic. And he doesn't overact either. Just the right amount of emotion. This movie makes one think about it after it's over. Best Ang Lee movie for a while.

Betsy Diaz ( 2017-01-27 )

not quite

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Alfredo Gomez ( 2017-02-13 )

I feel the soul rising

This movie is far from anti-war. This movie is full of emotion and thinking of soldier after-war life. They are not understood and being treated with people's arrogance and coldness. People do not really care about them but what can they dig from them. The director again use his way to express the emotion inside the character which he is most good at. the movie is worth seeing and currently is under rated. Besides the clips of the movie is excellent. It is harding to contiune switching between two time and spacing and not make audience feeling wired and confused. But in this movie you can feel that it is natural and your mind will completely goes with Billy. You will feel what he feels and see what he sees. Again Ang Lee made it.

Winston Francis ( 2017-04-01 )

Soldiers are people too

In terms of visuals Billy Lynn's was very impressive, however I would ask, is this the right genre of film to showcase such technical cinematography? Obviously such stunning shots could only be a plus to the film but for a film that is really more about one's internal struggles rather than exterior conflicts I do find it quite an odd decision to make this film in such a way. I did go in expecting an all out war movie since I have heard of all of these things that Ang Lee is doing in this film, in terms of visuals. Which did leave be surprised but also disappointed at how few those scenes are. Essentially this film takes place within a time span of one day and all takes place at this football game? What? ..

Carlos Massey ( 2017-01-19 )

Soldiers' lament

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Homer Mcgee ( 2017-03-16 )

stunning portrayal of post-war time

The early low reviews did not hesitate me for Ang's new launch. Compare to my experience for "Doctor Strange", getting tickets were relatively easy even it is the 4k screen at AMC Lincoln Square. As Ang's style, the movie is full of details . You (or the screen) are often following Billy's flying thoughts, and they do not usually align with my sense from other movie experience. However Since Iraq and Cowboy's stadium are only two main scenarios, the jumping between two does not distract my continuously growing touching feelings from Billy Lynn. The 4k resolution definitely intense the connections. The climax of my feeling happens at Billy's fight with Iraqi, as he tried to save Sergeant Shroom, stabbed into his enemy and watching his eyes, I had the same feeling as Billy, "I feel his soul rising". Whether Billy's squad are in Iraq or at the AT&T Stadium, they are out of place. The Iraqi hate them, at home the young generation does not understand their devote to an unjust war, the rich and famous want to mock them and use them for their interest. The majority rest care more about the game. As Billy says "We don't understand them and maybe they don't understand us as well." As the lone star flag streaming, the soldiers and the movie stand in the "middle" ground, derided by the lefts and not apprehended by the rights. Eventually, when the applause from the audience arose at the end of the movie, I am standing behind Billy Lynn at his mid time show.

Dwayne Horton ( 2017-02-13 )

Technically ambitious and breathtaking, but lacking in substance

First of all, this movie is not about action but emotional feeling towards our heroes, "soldiers". Are they really hero? This movie show us how different people think of the soldier, like family's view, business man's view, public's view and worker's view. Who's the one that really appreciate what the soldier did for their country. This movie want us to see, how the soldier feel after they came back from war. All the cut-scenes are like face-to-face conversation, making you, the audience become part of the story. And of course, this movie is giving us a space to think after the movie. Every characters have their own thought, there is no right or wrong, they all have their reason. Most importantly, soldiers are people too. Everyone of us are competing each other in order to survive and earn for our living. Soldier did the same...they did it for survive and for a reason. So, this movie let us witness the one day trip of Billy Lynn, and you will see how people around him react and think. I will not suggest this movie to those who seldom think after the movie or just purely want action scenes(BIG MISTAKE IF YOU EXPECT ACTION). This movie is great and let u think from different perspectives. Thank you for your time. is a cinema website serving you dear visitors 7/24 to give information about all movies, now playing movies, show location of nearest theaters and sessions, trailers of upcoming movies and information about actors and actresses, their biographies, videos and photographs. is the only interactive website where visitors can interact with each other using Facebook, Twitter and Google. is a global website using highly advanced web technologies and is served in 7 different languages apart from English and can give the visitors same service from the countries where these languages are spoken. Cinematheater is differented from his rivals by giving you an archive of 500.000 movies and is one of the websites where you can instantly find information about now playing movies in theaters.

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