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Bastille Day (2016) - SHOWTIMES (2016)

Bastille Day

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A young con artist and former CIA agent embark on an anti-terrorist mission in France.

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Marshall Garza ( 2017-01-23 )

Better than Bourne!

I am not speaking frivolously when I say that overall, although produced with a fraction of the budget, this is a much better film than the fourth Bourne. Specifically: * great opener -- film opens with a dramatic situation that immediately grabs the viewers' attention. You have "connection" from the getgo. * great script --- many layers and twists. Clever dialog. (At one point the bad guys gloat about how they are manipulating "the hashtags" -- thereby dissing an entire generation. Another line of dialog refers to the use of "action and reaction" to achieve their end -- which is a very sophisticated dig at how politics are managed today.) * Director writer Watkins know to keep things interesting, you are never bored. * Elba is nothing short of awesome. Other reviewers are saying he could be a major international action figure. Agree! Solid entertainment, does not take the viewer for granted, and the clever story keeps you hooked.

Guy Wilson ( 2017-03-28 )

A great thriller

Surprised this isn't at least in the 7's on here. Elba is excellent, no cheesy crap Bond esque love interests. Just a proper thriller with some great twists and decent action sequences. Some comical moments in a non Marvel universe cheesy way. Nothing incredibly new with the plot, but it does keep you interested for the duration. The end hints at a sequel, which could be interesting. If you like a good action / thriller - this is the best I've seen in a long while. Not quite as good as the old Bournes, but certainly better than recent Bonds.

Meredith Klein ( 2017-04-15 )

A mixed bag

Ever wanted to know what happens when you mix 24, Bourne, Die Hard III, and Luther on a tight budget, and then you spice it all with a little Luc Besson? Then you have your answer right here. It's a fast paced, no-nonsense action spy thriller, without a single piece of originality. But it manages to present all the borrowed bits and pieces in a way, to deliver a very entertaining experience. The main character is almost a carbon copy of the title character in Luther, so Elba naturally revels in the role. They even managed to include one of my favorite lines from Luther, the little thieves. Which is funny since the second main character is actually a thief in this. Self irony maybe? The movie never slows down, not for a minute. I haven't seen anything like it for quite some time. There is less Neutral Gear in here, than in Luc Bessson's original Taxi. Of course you shouldn't expect a masterpiece. The characters are all shallow, and the story is predictable. It doesn't even try to be clever, it just gives you everything at face value.

Sophie Hudson ( 2017-03-01 )

Exciting Thriller

I'm torn between a 6 and 7 for this film. This has everything a good thriller should have, but nothing notably unique about the film or the way it's done past the protagonists and some of the cinematography. The film is a spiral into chaos and the characters are very likable, forming an unlikely friendship between a thief and a CIA agent. Idris Elba and Richard Madden show off some great acting that really drives the film, with the dialogue between the two easily being my favourite part of the film. The directing is great, too, with a riveting chase sequence that looks and feels exciting and some lovely cinematography in France. The premise isn't anything amazing, but throwing a sly, witty pocket thief into the mix of what would be an ordinary every-year thriller is what drives the film and makes it anything worth noting. If you're going to see this film for any reason, it should be for the two leads. Bastille Day is nothing unique, but it's definitely a good film if you're in the mood for a thriller (however I'd recommend Eye in the Sky over this). This is a film for people that are into thrillers and fun character interaction.

Roosevelt Ward ( 2017-03-27 )

A solid action thriller with no real political baggage! Enjoy

This film (unfortunately) is most famous because it was set to come out at the same time as a Islamic terrorist attack in France, and one of the reasons I waited a while to watch this film was because I was wary of how Muslims would be portrayed in it etc. Let me without spoilers tell you this film is almost entirely unpolitical, with the 'Islamic threat' so far down the radar it can't even be said to be a theme. Now on to the film! Do you like Idris Elba? If you don't, stop reading this review and never watch this film. This is his film. He plays a bad-ass CIA agent (there is an irony of a British actor playing a CIA man stationed in France) who does not like to follow rules, and he is on the trail of a master pick pocket (Richard Madden) who gets wrapped up in a plot to blow up France. Cliché, yes, but the film does avoid some obvious ones, surprising pleasantly at some points. Elba is menacing, cool and always fantastic, and all of his co-stars pull their weight, but none are particularly likable, and they just have very little chemistry together. But, this is an action, thriller, so who really cares about that. The action is solid, but not mind blowing. The balance between action and thriller is about right, and the director does not get distracted with too many side characters or plots. This is about as standard a movie as you can get, with the only real plus being Elba. He needs to do more action movies, he needs to be the next Bond. 6.5, but IMDb won't let me give it that score so I bump to a 7 on Elba's performance!

Betsy Diaz ( 2017-02-01 )

We'll always have Paris

You have to forget that, during the making of this action film shot in Paris, the French capital was the scene of a brutal terrorist attack. Instead you have to go with the flow - and, boy, does it flow with constant flights and fights and a frenetically-cut chase sequence on rooftops that could have come straight out of a Bourne movie. British director James Watkins has given us a thoroughly entertaining romp that never lets up and looks great. The plotting is utterly implausible but the hard-as-diamond core is the former CIA agent Briar played wonderfully by Britain's Idris Elba in a role that could be seen as an audition to be the next James Bond. Not at all sure about his 'singing' over the credits though ...

Jacqueline Bishop ( 2017-01-29 )

Imposing and Exciting Idris Elba

Idris Elba has been in big Marvel films like "Thor" and "Avengers: Age of Ultron", but I don't really know how he looked like without the Heimdall costume. He had a performance last year in the film "Beasts of No Nation" which triggered controversy when he was not nominated for an Oscar, but this was not shown locally. Just this year, he had been in two films, "Zootopia" and "The Jungle Book." However in both films, we only hear his deep imposing voice. With this film "Bastille Day," we finally see Idris Elba as a modern day action hero, not far from the news that he is being touted to be the next James Bond. ..

Elmer Stevenson, ( 2017-01-09 )

Quite good!

The film is quite good. I just randomly picked it up to watch and it was a good watch. Not a single boring moment. Very good paced. Actors were good and believable. I loved the mixture of English and French. I loved the scenes of Paris as it is my favorite city and I just returned from there last week. I am not familiar with the mail role and that Afro American actor, but he was really good. Next James Bond?! hahaha I was trying and trying to remember where this 'thief' is familiar from and then I read here: Games of Thrones! Of course ... He was great too and especially coz this is the first ever film with him that I watched. Of course, French are the ones who are bad here and tried to solve their problems with Muslim population in a very terrible way. And of course, it is Americans who will save the day. I wonder how would they react if anyone makes a movie about French ( or any other nation) saving Black lives in America and doing that undercover exposing deliberate acts of terrorist by the CIA ( like on 9/11 ). Ah, yes, I forgot ... there are no problems in America. All in all, for what it is, it is a great thriller.

Maria Sparks ( 2017-04-04 )

Good Action Movie

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Leah Hayes ( 2017-01-16 )

Bastille Day

I think the 6 rating is not deserved, better than other action movies with higher ratings. I was on my seat for most of the film. There wasn't too many boring parts as the movie was fast paced. It was interesting to see Madden who is from Game of Thrones, he looked familiar but I didn't realise it was him until after the film The acting was good by Idris, no typical annoying clichés like: -> doing this for a relative -> 30 trained people shooting, but no one can hit a target. -> love interest to tap into a different demographic. I think could have been a 10, if the movie had a less predictable ending. is a cinema website serving you dear visitors 7/24 to give information about all movies, now playing movies, show location of nearest theaters and sessions, trailers of upcoming movies and information about actors and actresses, their biographies, videos and photographs. is the only interactive website where visitors can interact with each other using Facebook, Twitter and Google. is a global website using highly advanced web technologies and is served in 7 different languages apart from English and can give the visitors same service from the countries where these languages are spoken. Cinematheater is differented from his rivals by giving you an archive of 500.000 movies and is one of the websites where you can instantly find information about now playing movies in theaters.

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