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A United Kingdom

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Prince Seretse Khama of Botswana causes an international stir when he marries a white woman from London in the late 1940s.

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Margarita Jefferson ( 2017-05-24 )

Is this really a good film....or not ?

This is an outstanding film about a story I knew nothing about. However, my review is more a review of IMDb and its voting system. I note that this film has, at the time of writing twenty-two 1 star reviews. Maybe these are genuine but I suspect they are not. For one thing the film has not had many screenings so have as many as twenty-two different people really hated it that much? Secondly, 1 star films do not get selected for the Toronto Film Festival or for the opening night film for the London Film Festival. The programmers and selectors of these highly regarded festivals are at the top of their game and each year they are offered several thousand films. None of them are going to risk their hard fought reputations on selecting a bad 1-star film. My feeling is that these 22 people are members of the KKK who hate black people or else they are people who are jealous of the those involved in the production. Either way IMDb needs to have an algorithm that can deduce whether these people are genuine, or not. Maybe they are and the press reviews so far, which rave about the film, are wrong, but maybe these people are racist bitter bigots who hate the success of others because they themselves are failures and they have nothing better to do in their small sad lives but set up false IMDb accounts and vent their spleen in the only way they can. Time as they say will tell.

Matt Bridges ( 2017-04-25 )

★★★★ - important story well told

Seretse meets and falls in love with Ruth in 1940s London. All's well and good except he's the black heir to the throne of Botswana, and she's the white daughter of a salesman. The true story takes us between England and Botswana and shows the tension and outcry of the inhabitants of both nations, and the call for Seretse to stand down or divorce his new bride. I knew nothing of this story, but I'm certainly glad I do now! It starts fairly weakly, there's some rather too in-your-face dialogue at the start, and the acting of the English extras is appalling - I had almost lost faith in it. But! One we move past the bog standard racism you get in these types of movies, and the drama moves to Africa, it all becomes a lot more powerful. The reaction of Seretse's people when they discover he married one of their oppressors is nerve-wracking, and his great "I love my people" speech was incredibly moving. Further complications with the British government also bring a sense of anger, disappointment and shame - brilliantly directed by Asante. Crucially, though, the movie wouldn't have worked without great performances. Oyelowo is a terrific actor - his accent is flawless and his reactions to all the various obstacles in the way of him and his wife are subtle but powerful. I've never been a fan of Pike, but here she plays the role fantastically. The innocent victim in all this, not quite knowing what she's getting herself into, and feeling like a fish out of water, she really does well at being strong but sympathetic. The two of them together have wonderful chemistry too, you really believe in their relationship and feel for them in their struggles. Overall, despite some dodgy writing, A United Kingdom tells an important story very well, full of emotion and complexity with great performances. Good job! 4/5

Homer Mcgee ( 2017-06-10 )

Interesting Look at a Historical Romance

"A United Kingdom" is based on the true-life relationship between Sir Seretse Khama, an African chieftain from what was then the Bechuanaland Protectorate, and a white British woman, Ruth Williams. The film implies that he was the King of Bechuanaland, but in fact no single individual ever held this position; Khama was the ruler of the Bangwatho, one of a number of tribes making up the Tswana nation, the largest ethnic group in the country. In Botswana, as Bechuanaland is now known, Khama and Ruth are today revered figures, as he was the leader of the country's independence movement and its first President when independence was achieved in 1966; unlike most other former colonies in Africa Botswana has remained a democracy ever since, and their son is the current President. ..

Julio Strickland ( 2017-04-01 )

A credit to all involved

In the hands of a lesser director than the hugely talented Amma Asante, "A United Kingdom" might have been nothing more than another inter-racial romance cloaked in a veil of sickly sentimentality but, like "Belle" before it, this remarkable film works both as a genuinely moving love story but, more significantly, as a powerful political tract that draws attention to a very shameful period in recent British history with neither the Tory nor Labour governments coming out of it smelling of roses. It is the story of Seretse Khama, heir to the throne of Bechuanaland, now Botswana, who, while a student in London, fell in love with and married Ruth Williams, English and, more crucially, white bringing her back to his homeland as his queen, much to the chagrin and disapproval of both the British and South African governments and his own people. However, like all good love stories, if not quite all fairy tales, Ruth's tenacity soon wins over the people of Bechuanaland while the jaundiced, racist government of the UK proves a somewhat greater obstacle. The events portrayed in the film actually took place but until now haven't't been much discussed here in the UK. Even today inter-racial love stories can be unpopular and sadly racism remains a major issue that has yet to be eradicated. It is testament to both Seretse and to Ruth that their actions were finally instrumental in bringing democracy to Botswana with Seretse renouncing his kingship and becoming the first democratically elected president of his country. In these roles both David Oyelowo and Rosamund Pike are superb and there is sterling work from an outstanding supporting cast. If the feelgood factor seems at times a tad on the heavy side in Guy Hibbert's screenplay it is still heartening to see a movie about love and about race that is largely unsentimental and politically astute. It is also gorgeously shot by Sam McCurdy and is a credit to all involved.

Maria Sparks ( 2017-05-07 )

Oyelowo yay

Greetings again from the darkness. Sometimes I just know immediately that I'm going to be out of touch with popular opinion on a movie, and this historical-romantic-biopic from director Amma Asante (Belle) and screenwriter Guy Hibbert (Eye in the Sky) is one of those times. ..

Danielle Stewart ( 2017-05-18 )

Inspiring and educational. More than just a love story.

Grange Hill star Amma Asante brings us an impressive love story that helped mould the foundations of modern Botswana, detailing the controversial marriage that challenged not only the nation, but its African neighbours and the British Empire whose protectorate they were under. ..

Howard Copeland ( 2017-04-09 )

Beautiful telling of a fascinating and important true story

The story of Seretse Khama and Ruth Williams is a fascinating one, and is of a good deal of importance and relevance now. 'A United Kingdom', which had such potential from the get go with the talent involved, doesn't disappoint and tells this story beautifully. ..

Daisy Chandler ( 2017-06-01 )

Good and Effective For What It Was Trying to Do

I had never heard of this story, so it was fascinating to learn about it through the movie. What was interesting was that while the heart of the film was Oyelowo and Pike's relationship, it wasn't necessarily the focus of the movie. The first half features them falling in love and marrying, and the second half is about the political repercussions, and the Botswanans attempts to gain independence from the British. It's almost as if everyone in the film used the relationship as an excuse to act on tensions that had been building for years. So in that regard, I was surprised. The performances are also brilliant. David Oyelowo absolutely shines in this film. I think he was ultimately better in Selma, but he turns in an A-grade performance that unfortunately is being overlooked. I do think Oyelowo outshined Pike, but she was still very good. The two had excellent chemistry, and worked beautifully together on screen...

Guy Wilson ( 2017-05-09 )

Inspired by history, just not great drama.

"No man is free who is not master of himself." Seretse Khama (David Oyelowo) ..

Susan Phillips ( 2017-05-23 )

I was not all that impressed outside of learning something I did not know.

Their story was amazing. A king of an African country experience apartheid because of his country's closeness to South Africa. The only reason he could eat in restaurants and go see a movie in his country was because he was king, but any old white dude did not need such a large stature to do the same (It's like that Chris Rock joke about how he could only live in the neighborhood he lives in cause he's a famous comedian while his white neighbor is just a Dentist). The king gets educated in Britain and meets a white woman that captures his heart like no other, which opens up a new can of worms for his country facing apartheid. Though I did learn something new, I should point out that overall this movie is a love story. The focus of the story is more about love conquers all, and I'm not sure how accurately the film is, but it's definitely a very sweet film, about the challenges of Interracial marriage in a time and place that did not want these two to be together. For that it was a good movie to see, hard to say which is better This or Loving, which is about the same thing, but I thinking Loving had some better acting. David Oyelowo and Rosamund Pike could have done better. Very OK. http://cinemagardens.com

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