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Two professors team up to locate a lost treasure and embark on an adventure that takes them from a Tibetan ice cave to Dubai to a mountain temple in India.

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Gloria Brock ( 2017-04-16 )

A boring movie with few good moments

Kung Fu Yoga was named after the co-production of Indo-Chinese partnership. Of course there is a lot of Kung Fu, but wait a minute where is Yoga? You can't see a bit of Yoga in it. The movie was good as far as Jackie and the action scenes are concerned. Jackie Chan was excellent in his stunts and comic expressions. He hasn't disappointed his fans and he brings in a surprise dance performance in the item song. Apart from Jackie nothing works in the movie. Even Jackie Chan's actions are restricted at times. The movie travels from China to India, a bit of Dubai for just one car chase scene. Too much of information are poured in the first 10 minutes of the movie which actually confuses the audience. Kung fu yoga poster Few minutes into the movie just feels this is not going to be what it should be. The beginning doesn't feel like a beginning, It just starts abruptly which indeed has driven out the excitement in watching the movie. Sonu Sood who carries the Indian baddie role should have been a bit better. He doesn't feel like a baddie at times. Disha Patani as Jackie's lead is OK. Wearing some high valued ornaments, dresses with fur are the major contribution she delivers. The age old rope tricks, some floating tricks by sadhus might impress few (Does the movie really belongs to 2017?). The item song which casts the entire cast was one of the few good moments in the movie. It was great and watching Chan dance was extremely pleasing. There are few good moments to wake the sleeping audience. On the whole the movie is one time watch for family audience.

Rebecca Craig ( 2017-04-03 )

Message To Jackie Chan

Hi Jackie Chan.. Everyone loves you in India.. but please stop acting in lame movies like this. I recommend you to act in next part of rush hour or..even reboot Armor of God franchise.. Please.. we do not expect you to do such low budget bad movies.. this is very disappointing.. this is a really bad movie and a poor choice.. you are a legend.. why would you accept such lame movies? I don't understand this.. please do something new.. Entire world loved Armor of God franchise.. you should make more squeals of that one rather then such dumb movies.. It is really sad to see your reputation going down by poor choices made by you.. please on the love of Jesus.. be vise when you select movies.. we are really waiting for some amazing movies from you as everyone loves you a lot.. please make something cool... thank you..

Claire Walker ( 2017-04-06 )

Good to all family.

I always have been a Jackie Chan's fan and in this movie I felt like when I was a kid watching the Jackies' old movies. If you want to have a relaxing moment and give some laughs, go to watch with the family, in special that person who liked Jackies' classic movies. I watched in a movie theater in China, so I enjoyed even more with the reaction of the Chinese audience that laughed a lot hahaha. But If you want a something serious and realistic, go elsewhere. There a some special effects that are not so special and it seems that they made it on porpoise to reinforce the idea that is just fun and is not trying to be an remarkable movie but just one modern version of the old Jackie(that is in a good shape, despite the age)

Sherri Gibbs ( 2017-03-24 )

A fun film that will let audiences to recall the glorious day of Jackie Chan

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Daisy Chandler ( 2017-04-30 )

Jackie Chan goes all Bollywood on us!

Jackie Chan reunites with Stanley Tong to produce an 'Indiana Jones' type of action adventure and treasure hunting film. The film is entertaining.It has car chase scene,hand to hand combat fighting,beautiful scenery,exotic locations,twisted plots,handsome actors and beautiful actress. Overall the film is fun and not boring. Jackie Chan had several opportunities to show off his physical ability and martial art skills,which had been missing in his recent previous films such as 'Skiptrace' and 'Railroad Tigers' . Ture Chan fans should be satisfied in these aspects. However it was obvious that Chan was getting slower in performing his trademark action. Also several scenes were produced with unnecessary ,fake and poor quality CGI. These had lower the quality and the realism of the film. Director Tong should either cut those scenes or re-write the script if he is not able to shoot those scenes in real. 'Kung Fu Yoga' will let audiences to recall and missed the glorious day of Jackie Chan and his old film such as 'Operation Condor','First Strike','Supercop' ,'Rumble in the Bronxe' and 'Who am I'.

Darren Burton ( 2017-04-22 )

dumb but quite fun

Well, not all Bollywood. Not enough dance routine to make that claim ( Unless like me you count Jackie's Kung Fu fighting as dancing) I herd some Bollywood director was suppose to film it but backed out leaving Chinese cinema veteran Stanley Tong to fill the void. It's a great action adventure film (with a bad title) in what looks like it could be the sequel to Armour of the Gods or Operation Condor (which in America would be considered Armour of the Gods 2). Jackie Chan plays Jack Chan (Really?) an archaeologist looking for a treasure that connects Chinese and Indian culture, and when he finds it this ultimate Bollywood Archetype comes after him for it. It's not Jackie at his prime but he's at his best mixing humor with action. You'll See him do little stunts like jump through a luggage carrier with style (most of us half his age can't do that) and you'll see him do some really good old school kung fu moves like he did in Fearless Hyena. But he's too old to be breaking bones for our enjoyment. Instead, he provides us with typical action movie fluff. Not to say that's bad. There is a car chase in the movie that is pretty fantastic. This was an excellent return to the Jackie from yesteryear.

Jacqueline Bishop ( 2017-04-01 )


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Jonathon Watkins ( 2017-05-27 )


This is a fairly dumb action movie, but it is entertaining, with a betrayal or two, and there is fighting, danger and several women being pretty. So . . . OK! Jackie Chan plays a professor of archaeology who also happens to be good at his kung fu, with a friendly acquaintance who is a treasure hunter. There is a woman who claims to have a treasure map, and there is a bad guy who wants to steal and own everything, based on the idea that the gold treasure they are about to find belonged to an ancestor of his. It turns out that the woman with the treasure map is not who she first appears to be . . . and one of Jackie Chan's character's friends turns into a betrayer for a while and then is helpful again. There is fighting and fun.

Jeannette Snyder ( 2017-05-12 )

you typical jackie chan action comedy

Not really my type of movie, but I had to accompany someone to watch this. The story isn't all that great, as it is quite predictable, and the characters themselves are quite shallow. The kung-fu part takes up the majority of the movie, which is no surprise. However, the 'yoga' aspect of it isn't so much there in the literal sense. I gather that the 'yoga' was just there as a nudge to the joining of the Chinese-Indian cultures and stars. ..

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