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An ordinary college boy fights against a group of notorious criminals.

பைரவா - Show Times

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Julio Strickland ( 2017-03-18 )

Expectation Fulfilled

#NO SPOILERS ****** Right from the movie announcement, cast, first look, teaser, trailer and songs the expectation for this flick was moderate, which was obvious and I can that the say the movie exactly matched it, except for the fact that it had a good content and few unexpected mass scenes. Like #Vedalam this movie also had all the qualities that it should have been released around 2005 to 2010 and not in this era. Yes an Agmark mass commercial Masala with good scenes then and there. Yet another One man army movie where Ilaya Thalapathy Vijay carried the whole movie right from the beginning. Movie had a strong plot but a weak execution in the second half. Director Bharathan is very good in paper work as he comes up with good / different stories ( first ATM, now Bairavaa ) and he had penned the dialogues for films like Ghilli and Veeram. When it comes to executing the same on screen, he fails. But there is an improvement compared to ATM ( it has to be, right :P ?). The first 20 or 30 minutes was very dull and kinda boring, even though many claim that the cricket fight was good, I don't feel that way.The actual story started then and it was in a good pace followed by a perfect interval block (Semma Mass!!!!) with Varlam Varlam Va " Bairavaa" BGM!! . Second half continued at a considerable pace by reminding us movies like Sivakasi (film), Veeram etc loses it by the uninspiring cat and mouse game between the hero and villain when nearing towards the Pre climax sequences. Then ends up in a normal climax. The reason for losing the pace was the placement of the scenes in the second half like a good scene followed by a bad scene , then again a good scene followed by a very bad scene. This movie would have been much better if some portions were trimmed. Sathish's one liner comedy helped here and there whereas Thambi Ramaiah was a great Mokkai. Keerthi Suresh as usual didn't have any scope. Another notable negative point is Mr. Santhosh Narayanan ..

Gail Logan ( 2017-06-07 )

A mostly predictable screenplay saved only by Vijay

The whole story revolves around Vijay, his screen presence is the biggest plus. The action sequences, emotional performances, romantic part and being funny he carries the entire movie on his shoulders. The only sideline would be his voice modulation at some places might seem artificial. Keerthi Suresh as the lead pair has done her role to the perfection. She doesn't have much screen presence but has utilized her time span well. As a homely Nelai girl she excels in look as well as acting. The comedy track by Rajender and Sathish were peppered here and there. But one might feel few scenes should have been trimmed. Jagapathi Babu, Thambi Ramaiah and Daniel Balaji have put their experience into action, which worked well. Though cast has done well, the screenplay falls flat. The first half was engaging with good scenes here and there to keep the audience engaged. But the second half falls flat. The one bold step by the director was to keep Vijay away from the much predictable flashback, which is a rarity in Vijay's film. If you go to a masala entertainer you should be ready to accept logical loop holes. The same happens here, especially in the second half the movie becomes predictable and finishes with less excitement. The savior would be the interval block fight scene, pre climax fight scene and few others. Vijay has energized the action scenes and his fans will go crazy. The cricket fight bring in Whistles for sure.

Gertrude Wong ( 2017-04-18 )

Vijay should try different

I am writing this review on seeing the movie and also as a vijay fan. This is vijay 60th movie which expects more from him . Did the expectation fulfilled. Vijay himself sets a boundary line for himself as action comedy message now a days . But in this movie it is overloaded. The story line is Weak and the story telling is also weak . Vijay give a chance to bharathan for second time but it is disappointment only . In the later movies he fights for farmers and now he has fight for students and studies . In this movie many things were told about he is doing dual role and he is a college student but both of them is not true . In fact heroine is studying in college and he takes the problem of her and fights for the villain . Director has only focused on vijay role and other character were not established . Most of the scenes were only in set that is also not good . Music director has bigger role to play but only one song and theme music is OK and also he totally lose his scope in bgm . Editing work is not so special . The only good thing in the movie is fight sequences . Stunt director has worked very hard and it is really good . Director's dialogues are not so good . Last but not least if this movie has directed with different director or bharathan should had concentrated more it would have been a decent movie . Vijay has tried to do different in puli movie but the execution is poor in this movie the story is simple and the execution is also simple . I hope he will do good script with proper execution

Belinda Howard ( 2017-06-10 )


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Gail Logan ( 2017-05-25 )

Bairavaa has all the ingredients to become a huge hit only if it had released a decade earlier.But now it became overly outdated.

Could not complete whole movie due to lack of interest. From the very start it seemed boring. First fight scene done it for me. Vijay is a very talented actor and the last movie Theri was a great movie. Even my friend who is not Asian watched this with me in cinema and loved it. I saw the youtube trailer of Bairavaa before the movie release and already knew right away this movie was going to spill trouble. The make up on Vijay was bad compared to Theri. No story. Very cheesy and lazy. The directors and script makers are trying to ruin this amazing actor. It was a waste of money to view this in cinema as I could of simply seen any other movie. I still wanted to watch for the sake of Vijay.

Mona Marsh ( 2017-04-12 )

even vijay fans cant watch this!

Bairavaa (2017): After the super success of Theri (surprisingly) Vijay returns with yet another commercial potboiler called Bairavaa. I always have a doubt on Vijay's stardom because apart of his amazing dance skills,his acting is strictly meant for his fans.The same applies to his movies (except Kaththi and Thuppaki),which are only meant for his fans.The same applies to this utter rubbish Bairavaa. ..

Gloria Brock ( 2017-03-21 )

Excellent story but worst screenplay

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Julio Strickland ( 2017-05-25 )

Same Old Vijay Movie & The Hero Always Wins

even vijay fans(even vijay himself) cant watch this! Things which should had been replaced/bad in the movie, vijay costume and style, vijay's voice/style of speaking, songs, director, comedians/comedy plot,sub plots. Comedy is pathetic,but the scene where vijay is chased by men with petrol bombs was funny. The theme music is annoying ,dont know why a fox howls in between the theme music.The movie is childish too, i mean bad people becoming good because of kind actions,what is this a fairy tale story for 5 year olds. Overall a boring movie. Get a original DVD and use it if you have sleeping disorder. You will fall asleep even before the movie ends.

Tyler Parsons ( 2017-03-13 )

This movie is a disgrace to storytelling and screenplay

NO SPOILERS.............. its about a common man who decides to stand with his lover against a big shot for a murder and running a medical college with no basic facilities. no comedy scenes in second half but those in first half were good. plot twists were spotted in very few places but were somewhat good, especially proposal,income tax ride, petrol bunk murder attempt, escape sequence in climax were good. But the rest, hrrrrrrr....! overacted scenes just made it even worse. and vijay kept changing his tone and pitch all over the film that was a bit irritating. continuity between successive scenes are missing. Simply, they wasted a good story! 4/10

Bobby Phelps ( 2017-04-15 )

Worst MOVIE of 2017!!!!!!

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

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