बद्रीनाथ की दुल्हनिया - SHOWTIMES

बद्रीनाथ की दुल्हनिया - SHOWTIMES (2017)

बद्रीनाथ की दुल्हनिया

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Badrinath Bansal from Jhansi and Vaidehi Trivedi from Kota belong to small towns but have diametrically opposite opinions on everything. This leads to a clash of ideologies, despite both of them recognizing the goodness in each other.

बद्रीनाथ की दुल्हनिया - Show Times

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Rebecca Craig ( 2017-05-25 )

Very Good Family Entertainer

This is well made family entertainer. Story is good and there is social message. Comedy and romance are mixed very well. Both Varun and Alia impress with talent and are nice to watch. After a long time, this is a movie to the liking of my wife and her marks for this movie are 10/10. While other family members overall liked it with some reservation about second half. Your money will not be wasted if you want to pass time by watching this movie with family. Songs are good and are well choreographed. Story moves between Jhansi famous for Rani Lakshmibai a courageous woman. Supporting actors have done their role very well particularly that of side kick of our hero.

Elmer Stevenson, ( 2017-06-07 )

This Varun-Alia chemistry flick has moments that makes it a one time watch.

Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania was a light film that has some good and bad moments. Technically, so for this film. I'd say trailer looked like it was edited the way Mohenjo Daro's trailer was edited which made it a bit underwhelming. But seeing Alia Bhatt improving, I still had to see this motion picture at the theaters. ..

Josephine Jennings ( 2017-06-12 )

First half takes off with flying color of light hearted fresh comedy but second half crash lands with heavy dose of melo-drama

Director and writer Mr. Shashank Khaitan is first rate as a director but was under pressure to make this movie 'Hat Ke'. First half is romantic comedy with very good addition of sub plots, like brother accepting arrange marriage even being in love with another girl. This plot is simple but used and developed in good way. Yes main female back story of not believing in love because she was cheated by a boy is lame. Then coming to a common point with male lead for fixing her elder sister marriage and then love blossoms between them is shown in entertaining way. Some scenes are quirky but very entertaining like offering marriage proposal while singer is singing Mata Ka Jagran, Goons attack the couple but rather than intension of molesting girl they target boy creates humor but a bit long. At interval point the reason is thrown to audience just for shock but it smashes female lead character. Her reasoning for her act was not justified in second half according to her action. Male lead father being very angry like normally girl father used to behave in that situation is also not going well with the characterization. It was just for length and drama sake. Interval point clearly shown that movie is going to slip badly from Director. Second half starts with typical melo-drama. A bit of scuffle, cute Police angle, then drunken scenes, then live in and all that. Movie becomes slow in second half even after high dose of drama. You neither laugh nor feel that much intensity and it also reflects some humor angle too. Camera work by Neha Parti Matiyani is just fantastic. Film looks so vibrant and beautiful. Performance wise film is also in two parts. First half is full of smooth and fine performances but second half offers unbalanced by same artists. Varun Dhawan as Badrinath is first rate. His accent, body language are just impeccable. Alia Bhatt is brilliant with her emotions and innocence. Yash Sinha as Badrinath's elder brother is balanced and swift with ..

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