द गाजी अटैक - SHOWTIMES

द गाजी अटैक - SHOWTIMES (2017)

द गाजी अटैक

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Drama, War, Action
116 Minute
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A Pakistani submarine vanishes under mysterious circumstances.

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Pedro Hale ( 2017-04-05 )

One of the best war films of all time in India

The first Indian submarine war film the tag is enough to pull the audience to the theaters but Sankalp Reddy doesn't want to disappoint the audience only with the tag line. Ghazi attack is one of the best patriotic films in the recent past. ..

Tyler Parsons ( 2017-04-30 )

An insult to the INS

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Frankie Stokes ( 2017-04-11 )

Ghazi Attack - a very watchable first-of-its-kind Indian Sea War movie!

As a veteran of the U.S Navy and the son-in-law of a retired LCDR in the Indian Navy, I was appalled by this movie. ..

Tyler Parsons ( 2017-05-15 )

Pathetic turkey. Avoid this trash n watch Crimson Tide, U-571, Das Boot, Mare Nostrum.

Ghazi Attack is India's first underwater war movie based on a real encounter between warships of India and Pakistan during the war in 1971. But in the movie ships have been replaced with submarines, from both sides. ..

Howard Copeland ( 2017-04-04 )

The Ghazi Attack is one of the best Indian films of all time and should not be missed at any cost.A must watch film

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Nathan Robertson ( 2017-06-17 )

Crap movie

The acting is horrible. The direction is pathetic. The screenplay is one of the worst. The editing is horrendous. The cinematography is nada. The movie is a pathetic turkey. Go watch Crimson Tide, a much better film for fans of such genre. The Ghazi Attack is inspired by true events from the Indo-Pakistani war of 1971. The story is about an executive naval officer of the Indian Submarine INS Karanj and his team, who remain underwater for 18 days. The film explores the mysterious circumstances under which PNS Ghazi sank off the coast of Visakhapatnam in 1971. It is an underwater tale of the courage and patriotism of the men aboard the Indian Submarine S-21 who destroyed the Pakistani submarine PNS Ghazi when it ventured into Indian waters to destroy INS Vikrant. According to the Pakistani army, PNS Ghazi sank due to explosions caused by itself or the landmines it laid in the Bay of Bengal. However, the Indian Navy credits the destroyer INS Rajput for sinking PNS Ghazi. As of today, it is a mystery and was thus, a ripe subject for a filmmaker to base a war film on.

Marcos Barker ( 2017-03-16 )

The Best War Movie in India.

The Ghazi Attack (2017): Indian films mostly depend on only 5 genres Action,Comedy,Drama,Romance and Horror.Thrillers are rare and don't even ask about science fictions and War films.Our Indians are the most patriotic citizens in the world but still there are very few films which showcased the true struggle of soldiers and there are still several unknown battles faced by our soldiers.The Ghazi Attack is one such film based on true events where our Indian Submarine S21 should fight the deadly submarine of Pakistan named Ghazi. ..

Lydia Walton ( 2017-05-08 )

Every Indian should watch The Ghazi Attack. Brilliantly portrayed

Seriously starting to doubt the credibility of IMDb these days. More often than not these days one sees awful movies with very high ratings making one wonder if film makers are trying to boost the sales of their movie by employing fake ratings. Having waited for release of this movie for months was greatly disappointed by the trash that was dished out. I even wonder if there was any original screenplay in the movie because as few others pointed out Ghazi Attack has shamelessly lifted scenes from Hollywood movies like Crimson Tide, U-571, Down Periscope to name a few. Coming from a defense family cant even start with the list of errors and omissions in portraying submarine operations. Not worth the money you spend in theater these days to go watch this movie. You would be better off to watch some of the Hollywood movies listed above and in that process you would have seen major part of Ghazi Attack. This movie like Mohenjodaro is a classic examples of how great ideas can be ruined by poor movie making.

Gertrude Wong ( 2017-06-11 )

The Ghazi Attack (2017) - Review

This movie is probably the best war movie I had seen in India. The Script was refreshing with out of the box twists and never before seen VFX in Indian Bollywood Industry. KK Menon was a stand out actor with his Nationalist ideology and the will to sacrifice for Nation. I had goosebumps hearing Indian National Anthem and Saare Jahan Se Acha in the film sung by the Indian Naval Forces.

Sherry Peterson ( 2017-04-25 )

Great thrill !! I really felt to root for the heroes throughout the film !!

Thanks to the world of cinema, we get to hear so much of unknown stories which is stunning and yet nerve breaking. The Ghazi Attack is one such dynamic and encouraging story of our Indian soldiers fighting to save the country which was never heard of. The Ghazi Attack tells the story of Indian men on board the submarine S21 when it is attacked by the Pakistani submarine, PNS Ghazi who intend to take out the city of Vishakapatnam from the map of India. Directed by debutant, Sankalp Reddy, The Ghazi Attack is one such film which will keep you engaged right from the beginning till the electrifying climax. The powerful true story of our Indian Navi, The Ghazi Attack is the first Indian which talks about the submarine and the makers have done a fabulous job in portraying the stress, blood and sweat displayed by our honorable soldiers. Couple of scenes did caught my attention - Pakistani missiles missing the Indian submarine by few meters have been brilliantly portrayed. The interaction between Rana, Kay Kay Menon and Atul Kulkarni is one of the highlights of the film. Performances by each and every actor is mesmerizing, especially Kay Kay Menon and Atul Kulkarni. Overall, a spellbinding tale of war which is cherished and witness on silver screen. Excellent 4/5

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